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2020 Armor works for all striking martial art practice. This includes Taekwondo, Karate, Boxing, Kickboxing,  Muay Thai, Kung Fu and MMA. Our Vests are built to last and are backed by a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Don't Guess.

The precision of the analytics alone is unlike anything you've seen in the history of martial arts. The 10 single-user and multiplayer games you can play with a Vest or two aren't where it ends. Level up with the free app and tap into In Game Reality and the built-in social feed will keep you engaged for hours.

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Introducing 2020 Armor At Home Academy

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Succeeding In The New Era Of Data Driven Martial Arts Training

“2020 Armor is the best tool to train for martial arts right now. If you’re a high level player and you’re not using it you’re wasting your time,” says Master Luis Antonio Peña, Head Coach of the National Team of Puerto Rico. Peña predicts a sea changes is coming to martial arts with the “New Era of Data Driven Training”.  

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3 Eras of Taekwondo and Electronic Scoring

Electronic scoring was introduced in 2009 to the sport of Taekwondo and has received a lot of valid criticism from athletes, coaches, referees, parents and spectators alike. This blog post will outline a strong, viable solution to the problem of electronic scoring.

How We Saved Sparring Despite Physical Distancing And Got Kids Excited To Learn

For Mr. Ryan Miller, owner of Nebraska ATA Martial Arts, two things are paramount. One: that his students feel safe enough to get back to class. The other is they get the most out of their martial arts education and learn the perseverance and resilience needed to face all the challenges in our changing world.