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Confidence for your body and mind. Train harder, smarter and be ready for any situation.

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2020 Armor is a system designed to help you reach your full potential.


The perfect companion to the 2020 Armor vest.

Practice At Home, With The Best

Practice in the comfort of your own home with high quality video instruction led by Olympians, and be held accountable with the 2020 Armor "At Home Academy"

Whoa, I didnt know that.

The 2020 Armor mobile app gives you insights you have never seen before. See your data in real time, and share with with your peers and coaches.

Instead of waiting to see the results of my training AFTER a competition is done - I can use the data in 2020 Armor to determine if my training is helping me to improve BEFORE I step into the ring.

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Master Yvette Yong - Olympian, Canada

Training with the “At Home Academy” has helped me develop skill at a faster pace. My Stamina, Reflex, and Power have all drastically improved! This investment has been vital to my improvement! THANK YOU 2020 ARMOR!!

Tim A. Green Belt Chicago, Illinois, USA

My students got the same amount of tournament experience from one 2020 Armor event than 3 regular tournaments. This is a game changer!

Master Helgi Taekwondo Keflavík Reykjanesbær, Iceland
Club Owners

Attract new students, retain existing members and create new revenue streams. With 2020 Armor we will triple your investment within one year – Guaranteed.

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Coaches & Athletes

Measure - don't guess and win more tournaments. Track training progress with measurable insights. Improve core skills and decision-making techniques.

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