Buy Recreational Electronic Chestguard (REC)


Estimated Delivery: May 2018.

Prices in USD, and for a single unit.

If you would like to buy 6 or more vests, we have a very simple monthly payment plan. Put $500 down (we will ship you one of your vests), pay the remaining balance over 4 months, and once your full payment has been made we will ship you the remainder. For example:

10 vests = $3,990 USD (excluding shipping). Put $500 down on your credit card, and the $3,490 over 4 monthly payments of $872.50.

Please email us or call 1 (844) 963-2020 if you would like to make an order using a payment plan.

Please visit for more product information, testimonials, videos and tutorials.


Can you adjust the sensitivity of the sensor?

Yes, we have 10 different sensitivity settings for the sensor which can apply to all ages, weights and skill levels from white belt to black belt.

Is there a headgear?

The recreational chest guard model does not need or come with a head gear.
Our competition model will have head gear and other systems such as motion tracking and ability to track and measure your progress over time through your phone.

How long do the batteries last?

The batteries last on average of 6 hours, enough for a full day of classes. They are rechargeable and each vest comes with a charger.

Do you have a warranty?

Yes, there is a one year limited warranty. 

Do I need any socks or software?

The recreational model chest guard does not need any socks or any software to operate. It works out of the box!

Can you show the score on the scoreboard?

The recreational model was built to be used in a class and training sessions, meaning it does not need a computer to operate. The competition model will have the ability to connect to a computer and show the score. We are working on a simple computer score display system for the recreational model if clubs want to host local tournaments. Please contact us for more information.

What size should I order?

Every child and person is different, and the sizing guide on the 2020 Armor store will provide actual dimensions of the vest. Typically children between 7, 8 and 9 years of age would fit a size 1. Ages 10, 11 and 12 would be a size 2. Teenagers and smaller adults would be a size 3 and Adults would be a size 4. If you are putting the product on a punching bag, a size 3 is sufficient. The dimensions of the 2020 Armor vest is similar to that of a non-electronic Taekwondo vest.

Will the vests create new revenue streams?

YES! There are many ways for the vests to pay for them selves or create new revenue streams. 2020 Armor vests have been proven to increase retention (keeping one student for 3 months will pay off one vest). It has also proven to bring in new students (signing up one student pays for a vest 4 times over).
Also, you can create new programs like in house events using 2020 Armor and charge for participation, creating a new revenue stream. We describe in more detail here:

Call us at 1 (844) 963-2020 to discuss other opportunities for your club!