The Basics

How to operate your 2020 Armor products

2.Ten Game Modes

Learn about the 10 built in training modes

3. Class Drills

Drills for all different class sizes and setups

4. Grow Your Business

How to Attract, Retain and create new revenue streams for your club

5. Help

Troubleshooting videos, FAQs and support contact

1. The Basics

Watch this 7 min video on how to use your 2020 Armor.


Each vest comes with 10 built in training modes designed to sharpen all your skills.


These training or game modes require one vest. Train your reaction time, power, stamina, timing solo or in group settings. Connect the mobile app and get your data stored on your profile, or just play freely on the vest with its built in display.

    Stimulus game where the student reacts to lights and audio cues. Think fast! 
    Watch Reflex Video

    Targets race past the crosshair. Only hit when the time is right! 
    Watch Beat Box Video

    Your health is fading fast and only hits can restore it. Kick to stay alive! 
    Watch Heartbeat Video

    Start with 100% health. Survive until the timer runs out!
    Watch Survival Video

    Shows the student how hard they hit. Beat your previous best! 
    Watch Hit Meter Video


Pair two 2020 Armor vests and challenge a partner or do drills lined up behind a bag.

    Fight like they do in the video games. Last man standing wins!
    Watch Energy Scoring Video

    Each hit takes some of your opponent’s bar for yourself. Keep the pressure and win it all! 
    Watch Tug of War Video

  • #3 RACE | SPEED
    Be the first to hit your opponent. Who ever scores first wins! 
    Watch Race Video

    Take turns being invincible. Time your attacks for when the opponent is vulnerable! 
    Watch Invincible Video

    Tag your opponent before the time runs out. Be accurate! 
    Watch Tag Video


Drills for private lessons, small and large class sizes on a bag, shield or on body.

Bag Drills Large Class

Drills using 2020 Armor in a large class with the products attached to a bag.

Shield Drills Large Class

Drills using 2020 Armor in a large class with the vest attached to a striking shield

Private Lessons

Using 2020 Armor in your private lessons


Tips and tricks on how to use the data to make better decisions and win more matches.

Mixed Drills - Small Class

A mix of 15+ bag, shield and on body drills for smaller class sizes.


Attract new students, retain existing ones and create new revenue streams.

5. Troubleshooting

If you find your vest is not holding a charge/dying prematurely, you will need to recondition the battery. Here is a video showing how to do this.

If you suspect your vest is not detecting hits, you may have an issue with the internal components or outdated firmware. Here is video showing how to fix this https://youtu.be/TthLDwGsY4A

If you are having trouble syncing two vests together, it could be as simple as making sure to double-tap the vests at the same time! (Or chest bump). If you are doing this correctly and it still is not working, you may have an issue with the internal components or outdated firmware. Here is a video showing what to do

If you are unable to sync your 2020 Armor vest to the mobile app, there are a few things that could be causing this. Here is a video describing what to do


Sometimes students tie the vests on a bag too tight, causing the silicone housing to be misaligned from the buttons and plastic enclosure underneath. Here is a video showing how to fix this


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have 10 different sensitivity settings for the sensor which can apply to all ages, weights and skill levels from white belt to black belt.

We ship worldwide via courier service. Vests and Headgear Ships in 2-3 weeks within Continental US & Canada. Ships in 3 weeks to the rest of the world.

We are so convinced you will love the training, playing and sparring with your 2020 Armor that we're giving you up to 30 days from getting it to request a refund. Please send an email to support@2020armor.com to start the process. Only items purchased directly from our online store 2020armor.com can be returned through this process. Returns and exchanges are at the customer's shipping expense. Gear that has been customized may not be returned for refund.

We have a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

The 2020 Armor App works on boht Apple iOS and Android devices

The batteries last on average of 6 hours, enough for a full day of classes. They are rechargeable and each vest and headgear comes with a charger.

NO! The Vest and head gear do not need any socks or any software to operate. It works out of the box!

YES! The 2020 Armor vest was built to be used in a class and training sessions, meaning it does not need a computer or TV to operate. Everything is self contained and your 7 year old students can operate it! There is an optional mobile app that connects to the vests which can show the score on a display if you wish if you want to have tournaments or in house events. Download the app here

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