Retain Level III: Belt Testing

Retain Level III: Belt Testing

Let’s face it, students are always excited about going up in rank. Elevating the experience can make it go from being a good experience to a great one!

As your students attain higher belts, their skills should increase as well. For schools with 75 students or less, we recommend that you use your 2020 Armor chest protectors at every belt promotion. Schools with over 75 students, we recommend that every time they “level up”, go from beginner to intermediate or from intermediate to advanced.

In the testing, measure their reaction time & power metrics attributes with your 2020 Armor protectors. For more advanced testing, we recommend testing stamina as well.

Using 2020 Armor during your testing, now for the first time, provides your students and parents with their performance metrics to review and work towards improving. These metrics can be used to identify areas that your students need to work on in order to be promoted. Students, parents, and instructors will have measurable data to help ensure they are ready to move on to the next level of training.

How to do it

In your promotion test, set up a 2020 Armor chest protector on a kicking bag, connect to the 2020 Armor mobile app and measure the reaction time, power and stamina for each student that is testing. All results will be recorded in the 2020 Armor app for review and sharing afterwards. You can also note the results on a piece of paper. We recommend saving results to refer to in the future.

It’s a great way to motivate your students, and to show how much they’ve improved in the various areas over time.

Did you know: You can test reaction, power and stamina all together in the 2020 Armor mobile app Fit Test.

The Fit Test is 5 minutes long, with 2 minutes of reflex, 1 minute of power, and 2 minutes of stamina.

There is a 30 second break in between the various attributes. Save the results, and be sure to test again at a later date (1 month, 3 months, 6 months) to see how you are progressing.

Remember… what gets measured, gets improved!

Congrats on completing the Retain section. Next up, Thrive Level I