Give Gen Alpha kids (Age 4-13) and parents the experience they expect with the 2020 Armor Vest

This is the ONLY DIGITALLY EMPOWERED MARTIAL ARTS TOOL that can help you get more students, keep more students AND get more out of your students... in 1 month or less, guaranteed.

Because business problems are the biggest problems in Martial Arts...

Rent is constantly increasing. Equipment prices continue to balloon from inflation. All the while your profitability is being chipped away... and there’s nothing easy you can add or change.

Parents are under pressure to cut their own costs and take students out because of inflation.

All the while you’re only attracting just enough now to replace those who are leaving.

Plus, team sports are always in competition. If it isn’t fall team sports, it’s spring sports and summer vacations.

And now there's a new generation-specific problem

The attention span and interest of the new gen alpha kids (ages 4-13) and their parents is becoming a huge challenge:

...their world is dominated strictly by DEVICE TIME...

Parents lose interest faster when they can only capture, and share, so many of the same looking videos.

Let’s face it: not everyone appreciates the details of our art as much as we do.

Gen Alpha Kids expect instant digital feedback
on everything...

In their conversations...

At school...

In the games they play

You’ve already tried alternatives that didn’t work...

Martial arts conferences and shows
  • Ideas that rarely get implemented
  • Networking that never turns into anything
  • New Training that never gets transferred into an additional paid program
More weapons or secondary styles
  • Not enough time to personally learn the extra art
  • Difficult to transfer to assistants
  • Comes with higher potential insurance liabilities from honest student and assistant mistakes

How do you get more gen alpha kids and parents to give more / commit more...?

If you want to attract Gen Alpha Kids and Parents to come more and give more...

You need to give them a Gen Alpha Experience.

You need something
PHYSICAL that attracts
Gen Alpha instantly...

A tool gen alpha kids and their parents will WANT TO SHOW OFF to their friends and family....

A tool that instantly creates NEW PREMIUM PROGRAM & EVENTS kids will BEG their parents to be a part of

A tool that gives kids a NEW ATHLETIC DREAM made for their DIGITAL world

Introducing the 2020 Armor Vest

Optional Free Mobile App

This martial arts business tool gives gen alpha kids and parents the kind of INSTANT digital feedback they are ALREADY ADDICTED to...

...and in areas you are already working to improve with them, like...

Improving speed & reaction

The Reaction Training mode offered by 2020 Armor pushes students to sharpen their reflexes and quick-decision making, integral to effective martial arts training.

Increasing power

Power Training mode in 2020 Armor helps martial arts students master the art of delivering high-impact strikes.

Building stamina

The Stamina Training mode in 2020 Armor boosts martial arts students' endurance capabilities, challenging them to maintain consistent force over extended periods.

While creating new in-house
paid tournament categories

  • Fastest Kick
  • Fastest Punch
  • Fastest Avg in 1min

  • Hardest Kick
  • Hardest Punch
  • Hardest Avg in 1min

  • Life bar sparring
  • Tag team sparring
  • Point sparring

...attracting the most students you’ve ever had at a bonus paid event.

And finding new students anywhere you can bring a kicking shield


Its not about gamification...

it's about instant verification.

Gen alpha kids and parents live their lives on digital visual cause & effect...

Overwhelmed by more information than most other generations combined, Gen Alpha believes that the most real and honest feedback is in what can be digitally measured.

They seek verification in the DIGITAL experience where results can be shared

There is nothing a parent or grandparent wants to share more than a result for their child that cannot be debated or discussed in any way except positively and praiseworthy.

Digital martial arts games with actual scores deliver, especially ones that don’t require peer-to-peer physical contact.

It's about delivering on Gen Alpha expectations while creating competitive advantage over nearby schools & sports

How the 2020 Armor Vest & Optional Free Mobile App Works

  • No cords or limitations

Charge it like your cell phone and take it with you. It is ready to turn on and hit the moment you open the box.

  • Push buttons and play. No app required.

It’s so easy, Gen Alpha kids will get it faster than you.

And though we love our free Apple and Android apps, you don’t need them to get results.

  • Put it on anything you’re OK hitting.

It fits kicking shields. It fits BOB. It fits any sort of wave master. It fits people, too. ;)

  • Single vest mode or two-vest mode

You only need one vest to start seeing results, as both modes test for speed, power, stamina and timing.

Using two vest mode gives you maximum revenue-generating possibilities in the shortest time period.

  • Connect to the free, optional app with just a tap

If you want to show kids numbers, all you need to do is select the mode and "tap"

  • The free app automatically records just to your phone

Once a mode finishes, you can find it immediately in your phone’s photo library and can share it to parents or store it to prove improvement.

  • Get creative with it

Our club owners find incredibly creative ways to use both single and dual-vest modes to get more students, and get more out of students.

It’s like a glove
that attracts Gen Alpha
to everything you already do

  • Add to any class, curriculum, or even create a new premium paid class

Slip it on to targets that are already there or assistants that are leading the group.

You can pre-set the mode you want to use first before class starts so it’s ready to push play as soon as you turn it on.

  • Add to any in-house or external tournament

For single-player events (like fastest or strongest hit categories), all you need is to assign one assistant to one standing target with 2020Armor and you have an instant new paid category.

You can even trust judging to a parent volunteer, too, since the score is determined purely by the numbers.

For two-player events like sparring, just use 2020Armor vets instead of the chest protectors you are already using, set them, tap them and go.

See just how much faster, and smoother, the event runs. Parent complaints on score will nearly disappear if you don’t already have electronic scoring, and time delay complaints will disappear if you use legacy desktop required systems that require laptops, chest pieces, foot pieces and controllers are to sync

  • Add to any lead-generating event or activity

Grab a kicking shield and a 2020Armor vest, turn it on, hit it a couple times and watch others start crowding around.

You can run contests with it or even have prospects “earn” their free class by having to hit the target hard enough. When a prospect misses the mark on the first hit, all it takes is one tip from you to get them over the line. The child gets a high five and the parent sees the instant value of your instruction.

It pays for itself way before it's paid-off

  • Get two units shipped right away for just $299 up-front with free shipping

You don’t pay for the entire cost up front

As soon as your two vests ship, all you pay is $299, and then you make 6 more monthly payments of $149 USD to pay the remaining cost (No interest, no credit check!!!)

  • Just one (1) new student pays back the entire cost of two (2) vests on the same monthly cash flow schedule

If you sign up just one (1) new student for $149 per month, not including the profit you make on your own registration fees, the vests have already paid themselves off.

It’s like getting immediately reimbursed every month. Plus the vests are tax deductible as a new tool for your business.

You’ll double, or even triple, the return on investment within the first month if you use the vests as directed for martial arts studios.

Because all you need is two or more new Gen Alpha students.

Club owners that have purchased two (2) 2020 Armor Vests have reported as many as 10 new Gen Alpha students in the first month of using them as directed.

This doesn’t include the $500-$1,000 of additional paid revenue from the next in-house tournament you host.

Trusted and used by 600+ successful martial arts studios worldwide

Backed by 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee & 365-Day Warranty

Starts paying for itself within 30 days or your money back

If you can’t find a single new student using 2020 Armor to pay itself off within 30 days, or even if you just change your mind, just return it for a prompt refund.

365-Day Manufacturer’s Warranty

In the rare instance that you experience an issue, we’ll pay to have it shipped back to us, fixed, and shipped back to you. Because even the best built tools deserve 100% coverage, especially if you’re spreading out the cost over time.

Frequently asked questions

  • How long do the batteries last per vest?

The batteries last on average of 6 hours if never turned off and on the most-power demanding mode, which is more than enough for a full day of classes.

They are rechargeable and each vest comes with a charger.

Our built-in power-save mode helps them last even longer. Some of our most avid users have reported that they only need to charge them once per week.

  • Do I need any socks or software? Any hidden charges?


The vests do NOT need special socks, software, computers, controllers or ANYTHING. It works out of the box.

  • Can you show the score on a TV or computer monitor?


There is an optional mobile app (Android or Apple iOS) that connects to the vests which can show the score on a display if you wish.

  • Can you adjust the sensitivity of the sensors?


We have 10 different sensitivity settings for the sensor which can apply to all ages, weights and skill levels from white belt to black belt.

You can do this WITHOUT the app.

And you can do this IN each version of the app.

We have a full video series you can share with your instructors on how to operate and use the vest in your class!

Get 3x More Leads & Revenue starting now with two 2020 Armor Vests

  • Two 2020 Armor Vests with cables

Two vests (2) so you get all 10 modes for maximum immediate revenue impact.

We’ll choose the most popular and versatile sizes that fits Gen Alpha and BOBs Wavemasters and Targets

Two (2) USB charging cables and wall plugs, with international power adapters so there is nothing else to buy.

Quick Start guide so you can use them within five minutes of pulling them out of the box.

  • BONUS: Free Shipping

Ships for free within 5-7 days in the Continental U.S. & Canada.

  • BONUS: Free Apple iOS or Android App

Get reaction time, power, stamina and 15+ data points scores in numerical form, both in summary sheets and in real-time video.

Show live scores to televisions, computer monitors, or anything your phone can mirror itself to.

Get detailed time-stamps for sparring match hits and power levels.

Unlock bonus modes only available on the app

  • BONUS: Free Software Updates for Life

Get free over-the-air updates (via mobile or desktop app) to new modes, requested updates and adjustments.

  • BONUS: 2020 Armor Drills and Classes Guide for Maximum Growth and Retention

Get a PDF you can print with the most proven drills, use-cases and classes to help immediately maximize your school growth and retention rates from the very beginning.

  • $149 per month for 6 months

You pay $299 down, and your 2020 Armor vests arrive and then you make 6 more monthly payments of $149 USD to pay the remaining cost.

No credit check. No interest. This is not a credit line, a loan or something like Affirm.

Pay it off early if you like, or pay for it all up front too.

Get My Two 2020 Armor Vests Now
for $149 per month

Or pay for it all up front

Used by over 300,000 students in over 44 countries worldwide

How Master K Uses 2020 Armor as his secret weapon for recruiting students

Master Frank, owner of 3 studios "2020 Armor is the best investment I made"

How Master Jesse uses it for his private lessons

How Master Farah uses it for his shy students

Official Equipment Powering the UNITED BATTLE LEAGUE

The best technology

The 2020 Armor is powered by some of the most innovative technology in the world - we use the patented XONANO sensor technology in our vests and headgear - made in the USA!

Endorsed by World Ranking Taekwondo Athletes

Get 3x More Leads & Revenue starting now with two 2020 Armor Vests

Get My Two 2020 Armor Vests Now
for $149 per month

Or pay for it all up front