Attract Level III: Walk-bys & Intro Classes

Attract Level III: Walk-bys & Intro Classes

Intro Class

Just like when someone signs up for the gym or personal training they always take their baseline statistics such as weight, resting heart rate, body mass index, etc. we can use our 2020 Armor to get some baseline statistics from our new members in a one on one intro class. These baseline statistics will then be used later on for retention at testings. For a beginner, the baseline stat we will use is reflex and power. We suggest you make the technique easy like punch, palm heel, front kick. Do both sides so you get an idea of what each side is capable of doing.

Here is a sample of a basic intro script (1st class for new students, we suggest you use this for students ages 7 and up). If you have a script already modify this to fit what you are currently using. Your intro class doesn’t have to be a full class time, remember this is just an introduction. We suggest 15 to 30 min.



  1. Be sure to meet the parent at the door. "Welcome to (insert school name here), my name is ____." (If you have already met them, welcome them back).
  2. Talk with the student and parent for at least a minute, being sure to put them at ease. Take both the student and parent on a tour of the school. Explain if you are a part of an association, style or group. Also mention that you are an "official 2020 Armor training center that uses cutting edge technology to help the student achieve their goals. We use these tools to help get a baseline measurement of your power, reaction and stamina."
  3. Walk the student and parents to the trial room. Show the parent where they can sit and watch. Have parents fill out any informational paperwork. Ask the parent what they are looking for in your program (ex: discipline, respect, competition, etc.). Seek desired goals. 


  1. Be sure to mention the parents desired goals several times throughout the trial class. 
  2. Go through the basics for beginners. We suggest a strike, a kick and a simple block. Use techniques you will be able to use on the 2020 Armor gear to get their baseline statistics. 
  3. Once you teach them the basics, say "how would you like to play a game?" Mention to the parents, "remember earlier when I said we are an official 2020 Armor training center? We are going to use this tool to help keep your child motivated, engaged and, most importantly, having fun." Have the student play the reaction game with a punch and the power game with the kick from the beginning of the trial class. Show results to the parents and student and mention how you will have progress reports as they progress towards their black belt. 


  1. "Ms./Mr. ____ (insert student's name), did very well today in his/her first class. She/he learns fast and I know we can him/her to start showing more _____ (insert goal mentioned before, ex: discipline, confidence).
  2. Share the 2020 Armor video with the parents so that they have an awesome memory of their child's first martial arts lesson. Explain how you use progress reports with 2020 Armor (power, stamina, speed) to track performance. Mention "we use these metrics to help show improvement. Remember, we look for progress of each person's metrics rather than a comparison to others. This helps build confidence while measuring improvement." We suggest that you do this once per belt cycle or once per quarter for schools under 100 students. For schools that are larger, you may only want to do a progress report when a student goes from beginner to intermediate, or from intermediate to advanced, etc. 
  3. Present your programs and sign up your new member. 


Having your school affiliated with an international company that is at the cutting edge of the sport and that uses technology to improve your students and staff is a great way to show that your school belongs to something bigger than just yourself. Using our Window cling or banner to help show your school is an official training center will spark interest in your school and will be a great way for you to explain how you use your 2020 Armor to help build your student’s confidence and athleticism.

Congrats on completing the Attract section! Next up, Retain Level I