Retain Level I: Events

Retain Level I: Events

Your school should strive for at least 2 kinds of events every month – (New prospect, retention, and profit-generating). Sometimes these events are crossovers, or even better a trifecta. For example, a new student orientation (retention) might also be a time to sell gear (profit-generating), as well as give away a week of classes to all siblings and parents that attend (new prospect).

Retention events can be, and usually are crossover events. We suggest that you host some for free, and others with a charge around the $49 range.

Ideas for Retention Events

Parent's Night Out

These are great to do on a Friday evening when parents are looking to get out for a couple of hours. Use your 2020 Armor chest protectors to help build excitement, as well as to give some structure, competition, and fun to the event. You can turn this into a profit-generating event by charging if you choose.

We suggest charging around $40 for approximately 4 hours, and include pizza or another food/snack, or let them come for free if they bring a friend and turn it into a new prospect event. There are so many combinations of ways to run this. Be creative and let us know what works for you!

Bring a Buddy

A great way to get your community involved and help grow your business (new prospects). Set up a day, usually a Saturday, to promote the event to your current students with posters and fliers for them to hand out to their friends. Make sure you have a sign-up sheet where your students can sign up and put their friend’s names and info.

Announce that you will be giving away a prize to every current student who brings a friend the day of the event (small things like stickers, temporary tattoos, cinch bags, etc.) Prepare to give it to the “buddies” that come as well) and give away a bigger prize to your current student if their buddy signs up as a member (like a $50 gift card, free Private Lesson, etc). Structure your class so that you can accommodate new students and use your 2020 Armor chest protectors to play games like tug of war, heartbeat, beatbox, etc. These bring buddy events could also be centered around a theme, for example, bully prevention.

Progress Reports

Are a great way for you to connect with families at your school, no matter the size. Progress reports are a great way to track progress and review goals with existing students. Using your 2020 Armor chest protectors will help you update your student progress while reinforcing the goals the family wants to achieve. These progress reports shouldn’t be longer than 15 to 20 minutes and are also a great time to suggest upgrades in gear or programming.

Example of progress reports: 

  • Set time to meet with your client
  • Confirm the day before 
  • Have your talking points ready. Here are some examples: 
    • How do you feel your child is doing in classes? 
    • How is your child doing at school and at home? 
    • What do you like most about our academy? 
  • Show Baseline video. Once you have shown the Baseline video, have the student get ready to perform new baseline statistics - power, reaction, stamina - with the techniques you choose. 
  • Set future goals and invite them to your upgraded program

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