2020 Armor and Its Impact on Club Owners and Recreational Players

Electronic scoring has not been adopted for recreational taekwondo practitioners for many reasons. The systems are expensive, difficult to setup and run in a class with many students and they do not cater to the needs of color belts or recreational black belts.

We have created a version of the 20/20 chest protector to cater to the needs of the developing taekwondo practitioner. This system will introduce the concept of sparring in a fun and safe way that appeals to the students their parents and the instructor.

20/20 Armor chest protectors do not need a computer to run its scoring. You can have a class full of students using the electronic scoring and not worry about the setup process. Students just bump chests to sync up to each other and they are ready to spar.

For the scoring, we have a “health bar” scoring system that is similar to popular video games such as street fighter or tekken. This scoring method is easily relatable to children who are familiar with video games and allows them to get active and act out their favorite games in a safe environment while learning the tenants of taekwondo such as courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control and indomitable spirit.

With the introduction of new gaming systems such as the facebook oculus virtual reality device, it will be more difficult to engage children in an active lifestyle. We believe the 20/20 Armor recreational chest protector and health scoring system is the solution to get children interested in sports, and out of the living room.

The scoring elements are similar to the systems used in the competition model, so if the student decides they want to pursue sparring at a competitive level, they will already have a great foundation.

Our vision is to grow the number of taekwondo practitioners from 80 million worldwide to over 160 million. By reaching our goals, we will increase the interest and demand in the sport worldwide, which benefits the students and the taekwondo club business owner.

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