2020 Armor Announces Partnership with ATA Martial Arts

October 25, 2019, 2:30 ET

20/20 Armor, the leader in electronic training systems for martial arts, announced today that they have signed a deal to become an Official Licensee Supplier for ATA International.  ATA Martial Arts, is the largest martial arts organization in the United States with over 1500 locations and 300,000 active students worldwide. 

“Nothing is more important to us than empowering our students and Licensees with the tools they need to succeed in their training and in the real world,” says ATA Chief Executive Officer Neil Morton. “20/20 Armor is a revolutionary training tool that  will help our students improve their strength, timing, stamina and accuracy by providing instant feedback. Not only does 20/20 Armor make students better, more disciplined martial artists by showing their progress but it raises self esteem and self belief by teaching students to set clear goals and strive to achieve them. As a result 20/20 Armor helps school owners increase their retention rates and students develop important life skills they’ll need if they want to succeed in the real world.  I can’t wait to see what our two organizations can accomplish together.”

20/20 Armor CEO Ali Ghafour believes this deal offers 20/20 Armor a unique chance to help school owners on a completely different scale and push forward Taekwondo on a global level. 

“We develop all our products with 5 pillars in mind, they must: be easy to use, relevant to kids today, make school owners money, teach martial arts fundamentals and grow the Taekwondo market worldwide. The ATA’s trust in us is the highest compliment possible,”  says Ghafour. “They are incredible at the business of martial arts and creating systems that help their Licensees succeed. They see the value in our 5 pillars and our ability to create a 10x return on your investment within a year. We couldn’t be more excited to work with an organization that is spearheading a massive growth of martial arts world wide.” 

About 2020 Armor

20/20 Armor is a sports technology company that develops martial art scoring equipment and software, transforming martial arts into a mainstream professional sport like soccer. The company’s flagship product tracks impacts through a vest that shows the score on the vest itself using scoring from popular video games. Customers include the largest martial art clubs in the world. Founders & investors of 20/20 Armor are former professional martial art athletes. LeAD Sports, founded by the family members of Adidas is a major investor. 20/20 is currently working to help school owners improve their bottom lines with their Martial “ART” project where they teach how to use their products to A(ttract) new students, R(etain) the ones you have and T(hrive) with new revenue streams. 

20/20 Armor’s vision is to be the standard of impact measurement for all martial arts and to make martial arts a spectator friendly professional sport.

About ATA Martial Arts 

With traditional, and progressive high-energy curriculum and certified instructors, ATA Martial Arts has the programs needed for kids, adults, and families to cultivate self-discipline and to be successful in life. They have over 300,000 active members training, competing in Tournaments and Seminars around the world.

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Ali Ghafour, Founder and CEO

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