2020 Armor "Resale" Strategy

2020 Armor

We’ve been talking to school owners about different ways to maximize their profits. We discovered many school owners are using a highly effective ReSale Strategy. 

The idea is simple. Say you are an owner and you want to buy 10 2020 Armor video game scoring vests. You can get these ten vests for $525 a piece as part of a bulk discount. You use the vests for a year to attract new students, increase your retention and create new revenue and you can easily make all of your investment back by the end of the year. 

But what school owners are doing at the end of the year is the heart of the “Re-Sale” strategy. You get your students excited about using the vests. Because it’s a real life  version of the video games they love. At the end of the year they buy the vests at a reduced rate of $300-400 dollars versus retail of $600. 

The gear is durable on purpose. They don’t go out of date because we can update them with the latest software. Since the vest has a year long warranty, you sell your units to your students and can now refresh your inventory.  

This means you ended up only paying $2250 dollars for your vests. Or $225 a piece. The students take them home to practice and become more committed to their training. You set up a 2020 Tuesday class with them (you can charge a fee for this!), and they get their friends to come over and play games with them on their very own Armor  which is recruiting at zero cost.  

When you get your second order of vests, you can now hold larger tournaments using 2020 Armor and make more money back for your school. 

Now let’s take a closer look at the economics of making this bulk purchase. 

Can you easily make back your $2250 dollar investment? The answer from our club owners has been an overwhelming yes. 

If you add 5 new recruits from Trade Shows (1 recruit x $100 month x 12 months = $1200 dollars) you have added $6000 dollars of revenue, and paid for your purchase three times over.

Let’s look at another example. You have one tournament. Each tournament you set up a 2020 Armor Gaming Station and charge $20 dollars a day for unlimited game play. You sell 75 wristbands over the span of the day.  You make 1500 dollars in one day. And you have now almost paid off the vests. 

At this same tournament 2020 Armor, because the scoring can be done on the vest,  you can run your tournament with 80% less judges and less delays and get more participation. This will add even more revenue. 

You can use this “Re Sale” Strategy at the end of the year. Or you could package it as part of a Holiday Sale. 

2020 Armor is invested in making sure that our customers succeed. Get in touch with us and we can arrange a phone call to walk you through any questions you might have. To find out more about how to integrate 2020 Armor into your tournament structure and make more money check out 2020armor.com/in-house-tournament-101/.