2020 Armor Tournament Revenue Enhancement Program

2020 Armor Tournament Revenue Enhancement Program

Dear Martial Art Club Owners,

We hope this letter finds you well and thriving in your martial arts business. We are writing to you today with a unique opportunity that can increase your revenue, improve fairness, and elevate the experience of your next tournament.

2020 Armor is a cutting-edge electronic scoring system that revolutionizes the way martial arts tournaments are run. We are excited to offer this system to you for free. That's right, we provide the equipment at no cost to you. The only costs involved are the flight and hotel accommodations for two of our 2020 Armor staff.

By incorporating 2020 Armor into your next tournament, you can enhance the quality of your event in numerous ways. Our electronic scoring system provides instant feedback to competitors, coaches, and spectators, which allows for a more dynamic and engaging tournament experience. It also promotes fairness and accuracy by eliminating the human error and subjectivity that often occurs with traditional scoring methods.

In addition to these benefits, 2020 Armor offers the opportunity to increase revenue for your martial arts club. By providing a more professional and exciting tournament experience, you can attract more participants, spectators, and sponsors.

We are confident that 2020 Armor can take your martial arts tournaments to the next level. We invite you to contact us to learn more about how our electronic scoring system can benefit your club and help you achieve your business goals.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


2020 Armor Team

 Please see a video of how Master Park used 2020 Armor at his in house event

 Details About the 2020 Armor Tournament Revenue Enhancement Program


 Extra Revenue Potential

1. If you have 300 participants, charging an extra $25 for the 2020 Armor experience will net you an extra $7,500
2. Seminar with Olympian & World Sparring Champion Yvette Yong. Assume you have 50 people registered, charge $100 per person - additional $5,000. Yvette Yong Profile


Total extra revenue ~$12,500 for a 300 person tournament



  1. Free 2020 Armor Equipment (only pay shipping ~$1,000).
  2. Free Seminar w/ Olympian Yvette Yong
  3. Flight & hotel for two 2020 Armor staff (~$2,000)


Total Profit from the 2020 Armor Tournament Enhancement Program: $9,500



Two 2020 Armor staff at your event to help run the technology and one seminar from Olympian and World Champion Yvette Yong before or after the competition.



2020 Armor Team will provide an exclusive tournament experience for your competitors using our revolutionary chestguard and headgear. We will offer a variety of competitions to expand the tournament experience. We will also bring Olympian & World Champion Yvette Yong to give a 30 minute seminar based on 2020 Armor before or after competition at no cost. 

  1. Competition with 300 – 500 Competitors already registered
  2. In-house competition or open competition 
  3. 2020 Armor will provide vest and head gear
  4. Client will be provided with Energy Scoring Mode (Sparring) and choose one other competition Mode: (Reaction, Power, Team/Race)  
  5. Olympian Yvette Yong will give a 30 minute seminar 2020 Armor based session before or after competition (Free) 


2020 Armor team will choose one tournament a month, please reach out to contact@2020armor.com to confirm availability and eligibility.



Anywhere (Client responsible flight & hotel costs, shipping)


  • Help Client generate more revenue at competition while providing an exclusive 2020 Armor experience different than other competitions
  • Continue to generate revenue after the event (use for classes, one on one, camps, birthday parties, etc.)


Please reach out to contact@2020armor.com to see if you are eligible.
2020 Armor Team will require ¼ of tournament space (ex: if 8 rings, we will run 2 rings for 2020 Armor