At Home Training by 2020 Armor Partner Skillz: Lesson #3 Blocking for 3-4 Year Olds

Section 1: Dynamic Warm-ups

  • Arms: Seal taps for 10 reps – Tap your chest with each hand, one at a time, without letting your belly touch the ground.
  • Legs: Stationary Frankenstein’s for 10 reps -Raise your legs up to your hands, one at a time, while trying to keep your legs straight.
  • Abs: Bicycles for 10 reps – Raise your legs up and begin moving your feet as if you were riding a bicycle non-stop. 
  • Core: Crab kicks for 10 reps -Kick each leg, one at a time, without letting your bottom touch the ground.

Assignment overview 

  • Today you are going to work on BLOCKING. 
  • Here are the three BLOCKING tips that I want you to practice today:
  1. Keep your fists tight.
  2. Pull your other arm tight to your side. 
  3. Watch where you are blocking.

Section 2: Skill-building drill (Do three sets)

  • Pad drop challenge: You will practice BLOCKING by protecting your head from targets that are dropped from above by your helper. Continue until you block five targets in a row without the targets hitting your head.  
  • Block by number: You will roll a dice and then execute the same number of blocks as the number on the dice while counting out loud.  

Section 3: Dynamic stretches 

  • Twist stretch for 10 reps – Stand up straight with feet shoulder width apart. Twist side to side trying to go as far as you can each side.
  • Airplane for 10 reps – Touch the bottom of your feet together and hold your toes. You will then alternate your knees up and down.
  • Stretch kicks for 10 reps – Swing your leg as high as you can. Focus on not bending your knee when going higher.
  • Row boat for 10 reps – Sit with both feet straight out and together. Raise your hands above your head. Reach forward past your toes if possible then drag your hands back towards your hips.

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