Bring In New Students with 2020 Armor

Bring In New Students with 2020 Armor

Getting students interested to walk through your doors is the first step in growing your business. 60% of your new potential students are under the age of 13, and knowing what captures their (and their parents) interest is key to getting them to walk through your door.

The founders of 2020 Armor run 6 successful martial art clubs across the United States and Canada with over 1,500 students. We would like to share with you a few tips on how to attract students to you gym using 2020 Armor. After reading this post on student attraction, you can continue to read our follow up posts on converting and retaining your students.

Children react very positively to video games, and with 2020 Armor, you can leverage this to capture the attention of new potential students. Martial art clubs typically advertise in four ways to get new memberships: referral programs,  in person appearances at local events such as fairs and local school committees, facebook, and the last is traditional advertisements like signage and flyers.

Referral Programs

Referral programs such as bring a buddy night are a great way to introduce your program to new students. You can use 2020 Armor to make the buddy night video game themed, dress up as the video game characters, and setup games and contests using the chest guards 10 game modes, allowing new potential students to get instant feedback on their efforts. They will want to naturally improve based on the instant feedback they received, and this is a great time to sign them up on a trial.

In Person Demonstrations

Nothing draws attention better than flashing lights! Next time you are at an event promoting your club, bring a couple of 2020 Armor units with you and see how much attention you will get from people walking by. When they do come by, get them to play some of the one player games like hit meter (which measures the strength of their impact). By getting them instantly engaged, you have built a bond with them which will increase the chance for them to sign up for a trial on the spot.

Get New Students on Facebook

We have found that posting videos and images of your students using 2020 Armor on your facebook page, or through targeted facebook advertising and using wording such as “Just the like video games” gets the interest of both parents and students. By tapping into the interest of video games, you have related to the new potential student on an interest we know they already have. Use this imagery of video games to get them to like your page, and make special offers to try 2020 Armor for free at your club.

Signage and Flyers

When the opportunities arise to create signage or distribute flyers for local businesses, going door to door in the neighbourhood, or doing programs with your local schools – capture the parents and students interest with 2020 Armor. By showing kids using the system on punching bags (it is important to not show kids using weapons, or sparring as this may turn away some kids and parents who are not familiar with martial arts) and using a tag line such as “Let your children play video games in real life” you have the interest of both the child and the parent.

Return On Investment

If you are able to sign up one student, a single 2020 Armor unit pays for itself 4 times over. If you are able to retain one student for an extra 3 months, a single 2020 Armor unit has paid for itself. Leverage the power of instant feedback and gamifying martial arts to grow your business.