Company Update & Phase 2 Pre-Orders

Hello Taekwondo fans, many of you have been asking for updates on the company. We are happy to share with you our progress.

When we launched the company and our video in February, we were floored by the tremendous support we received from all of you! We reached over a quarter million people in one week, and fulfilled our goals for our first phase pre-orders.
You have made it very clear that we have a product that all taekwondo fans, athletes, coaches and club owners want.

The development of the recreational model is coming along on schedule. Those that placed an order on first phase pre-order will get their units by December this year. You can expect updated product images in a few weeks.

We are now directly phoning taekwondo club owners in North America and doing a second phase of pre-orders, limited to 1,500 units. The great thing about pre-ordering is that you’re guaranteed your units in our limited production run, ahead of everybody else. In order to confirm your spot in this limited production run, we are requiring a 5% deposit which is 100% refundable, with no strings attached. This means there’s no risk to you in any way. The second phase pre-orders will be shipping March 2017. If you are interested in being a part of this limited run, please reach out to us at

Our vision at 20/20 Armor is to make taekwondo more fun to watch and play at all levels while also increasing bottom line for taekwondo club business owners. The way we accomplish this is that everything a student needs is included in the box. When you buy the unit, you don’t have to pay extra for a charger. There are no expensive extra transmitter components, no scoring triggers, no receiver, and no software needed. You don’t even need a computer to run a match. This makes it easier than ever to introduce sparring in a fun and safe way that appeals to students of all ages and ranks, and of course, their parents.

The 20/20 Armor Energy Scoring is easily relatable to all who are familiar with video games, and allows them to get active and bring the game to life, all while learning the values that we as taekwondo coaches and masters are constantly striving to instill in our students. We do all this while increasing the content variety in your classroom, and combating boredom, which is a common cited reason for student drop-outs, making 20/20 Armor as much an effective tool for student retention as a gaming, recreational, training, or competitive utility.
And we do it all with the highest quality and lowest cost, bar none, in the electronic gear industry.

Thank you for your support. If you are interested in being a part of the next phase of pre-orders, please email