Coronavirus Tips For Your Martial Art Schools

Today our CEO Master Ali Ghafour had a live seminar with Mr. Jonathan Frank, a successful owner with three schools. We had intended to talk about how 20/20 Armor was helping drive retention with his sparring program but instead decided to talk about strategies for dealing with Coronavirus for school owners instead as this is clearly on all of our minds.

From Mr. Frank's Interview

  • We are limiting classes to 25 students. Temperature testing all of our students. Not inviting student’s parents into the classes. Live streaming our classes so parents can see them. Washing our hands. Trying to maintain positivity with our students.
  • Limiting the family members who are there for belt testing. It’s great that they are praised for what they accomplished but not at the risk of public safety. 
  • We are video taping all of next weeks class. So if students want to stay home, they can get that instruction. We encourage school owners to get their curriculum online. There is a danger that if you don’t continue providing instruction, parents will freeze their payments.
  • We put all our curriculum online so that they can put our teaching on in their living rooms and do it at home. There is a company called Teachable that can help with this.
  • All martial artists are in it together. Everybody is on edge. It’s our job to be the leaders in our community. This is what we’ve taught for 30 years. This is time for leadership in action. It’s a privilege to teach martial arts for a living. This is our chance to step up in anyway you can.

Thanks for the excellent insight from Mr. Frank on what he’s doing at his schools. As we all know in these times like these it’s good to remain up to date and that practices are changing minute to minute as we learn more. This  is by no means meant to be the final word on best practices for dealing with Coronavirus at your school. We hope this helps you in these trying times.