Settings & Setup

  • Game #8 (Heartbeat)
  • Health Setting: choose one appropriate for the skill level
  • Time: 10 seconds to 3 minutes. This game does not work with Infinite Time.
  • 1 vest on a BOB/Wavemaster/Bag
  • 2 people on a team
  • Skill Level: Beginner


Set up a unit on a bag. Place 2 participants on either side, with the bag between them. The participants should always be standing in an “open stance” (fronts facing the same way) to each other, but may be in either an open or closed stance to the target, depending on if you want them to practice with the front or rear leg for this drill. As the game starts and the unit’s health begins to deplete, the two players will alternate being the one to deliver a kick with their respective leg.

The object of the game is to maintain power and rhythm to keep the unit alive until the timer runs out.

Difficulty for this drill can be calibrated to the desired level by:

  • Changing techniques
  • Changing the height of the bag
  • Changing the Health Setting
  • Changing the Timer Setting

What They Are Learning

In this game, the students are learning to work as a team to set a rhythm at which they can optimally perform over time. Go too slow and the unit runs out of energy. Go too fast and they run out of energy themselves.

You can use this opportunity to describe to the students the importance of pacing, even while maintaining power. Using too much energy at the wrong time will come back to hurt you later.

Because this is a team game, you can also use this as an opportunity to show the importance of reading your partner and matching their timing for efficiency. Even fast players that are not focused can slow down the team.