Holding Your Own 2020 Armor Combine Watch Party

Holding Your Own 2020 Armor Combine Watch Party

It seems like it was only yesterday, but the first ever 2020 Armor Combine aired in September 2020! Hundreds of athletes participated and thousands of spectators watched the live stream. Many of of those that watched it did it through their martial arts clubs, which presents a great opportunity for those of you that are interested in doing so virtually or physically.

The 2020 Armor Combine is the World’s First Data Driven tournament. It climaxes in an eSports broadcast live format, with star-studded commentators from the traditional martial arts and video game world. You can watch a full replay of the first ever 2020 Armor Combine right here on our YouTube channel.

Ahead of the 2nd edition of the 2020 Armor Combine, today we are going to give a step by step guide to running a Watch Party at your school to get maximize students excitement about the event so you can use that momentum to hold your own Combine events at your school and get students ready to compete on the global stage at our next Combine!

Bookmark the live stream for 2020 Armor Combine #2 on our YouTube channel so that you get notified just before we go live!

Why Should You Host Your Own 2020 Armor Combine Watch Party? 

The first reason to host a watch party is that we have spent months getting ready for this broadcast and it’s going to be a great time! Your students will get tips from some of the best athletes in the world and get a front row seat for all the excitement as competitors face off for the title of World’s Fastest!

For schools whose students have entered the Combine, your students and school might be featured on the Live Broadcast in front of the whole martial arts world.  Being there means coming together as a community and the chance to win amazing prizes.

For schools that didn’t enter the first Combine this is your chance to get students invested in the next one and enjoy an action-packed hour-long production of martial arts excitement that will inspire them to try harder in class and get them interested in data driven training.

Using the 2020 Armor Combine Watch Party As a Revenue Generation Tool

Many school owners are holding events for the next Combine where they charge their students entrance fees to participate in this world wide event and offer exclusive 2020 Armor Combine related training that they are charging $20-$25 dollars per class for. By keeping your students excited about the tournament you make sure they are invested in the next tournament and the 2020 Armor Combine related events you hold at your school and you can make extra income when you need it most. 

Option 1: Run Your Own 2020 Armor Combine Watch Party In Person!

In person watch parties are an easy and exciting way to get your students psyched for the Combine as long as your local health guidelines permit large gatherings. You can send out invites to all the students who entered the 2020 Armor Combine to gather for the event in person for an hour before 1PM EST.

If you’re doing an in person view we recommend running a class on reaction time using 2020 Armor to get them excited to compete in the next 2020 Armor Combine!

Option 2: Run An Online 2020 Armor Combine Watch Party

Another option is doing an online event and this way you can send out an email to your entire student body telling them to tune in at 1PM EST. 

Holding a Watch party for the event is as simple as sharing the video when we go live on your school’s Facebook page or group. Your students can join the Watch Party and discuss the stream as you go in the chat.  

To give it an extra interactive element you can set it up so that you can all watch it together in a Zoom class. 

We look forward to seeing you there! Let us know if you have any questions through the chat icon or by sending us an email. We are always here to help.

Bookmark the live stream for 2020 Armor Combine #2 on our YouTube channel so that you get notified just before we go live!