Home Run

Settings & Setup

  • Game #10 (Hit Meter)
  • Health Setting: choose one appropriate for the skill level
  • Time: Set depending on the size of your team. This game does not work with Infinite Time.
  • 2+ vests on BOBs/Wavemasters/Bags
  • 2 or more people on a team
  • Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate


Mark a spot on the classroom floor and designate it “Home Plate”. This can be done by simply laying a kicking paddle or shield on the floor. Set up 2 or more vests on bags so that they are in a triangle, diamond or other configuration with Home Plate. These bags are the “Bases”.

Form a line of participants behind Home Plate. When the game starts, the first person must run from Home Plate to First Base, perform a hit hard enough to register a score, then run to the next base. After all bases have been hit satisfactorily, the player will run back to Home Plate and must tag the next participant in line before they may begin. There can only be one player on the field at a time.

The object of the game is to get the entire team through the Bases and back to their starting line position before the timer runs out.

Difficulty for this drill can be calibrated to the desired level by:

  • Changing the distance between bases
  • Changing the number of bases
  • Limiting technique choices
  • Changing the height of the bags
  • Changing the Health Setting
  • Changing the Timer Setting
  • Changing the size of the team

What They Are Learning

In this game, the students are learning to make only the most efficient movements to ensure the whole team has enough time, and plan out which steps and kicks will be best in sequence.

You can use this opportunity to describe to the students the importance of planning for what happens after the first attack. The less thought that has to happen in the moment, the more efficiently a plan can be executed.

Because this is a team game, you can also use this as an opportunity to show the importance of taking the team into consideration. If one person is not paying attention or failed to make their plan for efficient use of time, it will impact the whole team. Students must observe the timing of the game and stay focused or they will slow down their group.