How 2020 Armor’s Live Mode Won The Battle For Student Attention Post COVID

How 2020 Armor’s Live Mode Won The Battle For Student Attention Post COVID

Master Jon Powell needs 2020 Armor for a different reason than most school owners. He doesn’t charge for his lessons because he works full time at another job. But free lessons make retention that much more difficult because there’s no financial commitment keeping students attending classes. Master Powell’s fight is for his students’ focused attention because that’s the only thing that keeps them in his dojang. 2020 Armor Live Mode is his secret weapon to keep them at his school long enough so that he has a chance to make a difference in their lives. 

How 2020 Armor Live Mode Brings In New Students To His School

“To get a student to start taking lessons you need to let them peer into the future,” says Powell.  “2020 Armor live mode gives them the perfect snapshot of where they are starting and what I’m going to help them become. This is even more important when they don’t have a bunch of their own friends to start with.” 

With 2020 Armor Live Mode a student can see their reaction time, stamina and power and get a hard number for every single kick and their average over time. This not only shows the students where they are when they walk through the door, but gives them a goal to work towards over the next six months to 2 years of training. 

Master Powell sends that Live Mode video to them or their parents, praising them for their potential and his students start to get a sense of momentum. He’s made it part of every introductory lesson and already noticed an upswing in conversion.  

How Data Driven Training Overcame Mood in His First Classes Back 

“In the first classes back after complete COVID lockdown the mood was pretty low,” says Powell. “But then we got the students playing live mode. Everyone got so excited, cheering each other on and trying to beat their own scores. It was infectious. One of those moments you really wished that everyone could still high five.”

But measurement doesn’t just get his students excited for class. It also shows them how well they are doing even if they aren’t in a good mood and feel down on themselves. Because numbers don’t lie. 

“It changes the dynamic,” says Master Powell.  “I’ll be able to keep them a lot longer. The people I’ve lost over the years have usually been due to misunderstandings. Given the standard of quality we constantly push for, they might not think they were doing great or would easily forget the progress they have made. Now I can prove to them that they are by providing objective measurement. It completely changes the dynamic. Before, when me or my assistants would correct them, they might think that we don’t like them, especially if there are a lot of adjustments. Now with 2020 Live, it really feels like we are working together against the system to get them great results. It actually connects me to my students in a whole new way.” 

How 2020 Armor Live Mode Brings Students Back To His School Who Were Sitting Out Due To COVID

The school is still at 50% capacity due to COVID-19 guidelines. Master Powell posts the Live Mode videos on his social media channels for two reasons. 

The first is to give students the type of social reinforcement that keeps them motivated and give them praise for the effort they display in class. This helps with retention, one of the most serious issues facing school owners right now. 

The second is to get the students sitting out hungry to return to his school after COVID-19. We naturally want to keep up with our peers. These videos give the students the extra motivation they need to return. He’s already noticed attendance rising since he posted the videos. 

How 2020 Armor Live Mode Helps New Students Discover Their Love of Taekwondo

“A couple quick stories for you. We were working power this week,” says Powell.  “There is this one girl who is a pre teen. She isn’t really into it. She never seemed to like Taekwondo but I know her parents want to see her benefit from it. I could tell she wasn’t really trying. Then we did Live Mode for power.  I showed her the corrections she needed to do by showing her the video. In just that one class she doubled and then tripled her score. And she got this look in her eyes. Like the lights went on. If I had a picture of it, you could actually see the moment where she went from hardly engaged to fully engaged as someone that actually loves the art There isn’t a better moment for an instructor than that."

"But it works for different students in different ways. Because not everyone is going to excel at the same thing. I have a 50 year old student who can’t move as fast as my younger ones. But I can show her the additional power she generates from doing the proper movements, and rightly praise her for it based on data. It’s an incredible thing for a school owner to be able to motivate an 8 year old and a 50 year old with the same piece of equipment.”

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