How 2020 Was A Game Changer For My School

Master Joseph Santarose, Owner of Rock Solid TKD in Katy, Texas is a successful school owner who trains his students with traditional Taekwondo and travels across the country coaching students and pushing them to do their best. 20/20 Armor has been a game changer at his school as he describes in the above video.

He explains how as a coach he loves that 20/20 Armor gets his fighters excited to fight and trains them to kick with power. Which has helped them excel on the tournament circuit.

As a Taekwondo school owner 20/20 Armor has brought so much interest to his school and helps differentiate them from their competitors. Within a five mile radius of his school there are ten other Taekwondo schools and he teaches traditional martial arts and pushes his students hard. It makes it hard because many students want to go where it’s easy and they don’t have to work as hard. But 20/20 Armor changed the game. It keeps his kids focused and ready to put in the extra time to get their technique right. The students realize why they have to turn their hip because they can see their score when they have executed the move properly. It’s skyrocketed his retention rate. But that’s not the only way 20/20 Armor has helped his retention.

Every month he has one week dedicated to sparring. Half of the kids weren’t showing up. They were scared of fighting and getting hurt. With 20/20 Armor fighting became more engaging and they get over their fears and focused on playing the game.

Master Joseph Santarose can’t say enough good things about 20/20 Armor. He uses it for tournaments. His kids come in when they don’t have school and they come and they play all the different game modes! They can’t get enough of it!

Thank you so much Master Santarose for the kind words and we are so happy to be working with you in your amazing school.