How Our New Referral Program Will Get More Gear in Your School and Radically Increase Your Revenue

How Our New Referral Program Will Get More Gear in Your School and Radically Increase Your Revenue

Want more 20/20 Armor at your school but don’t want to pay for it yourself?  More and more school owners have been helping their students get their own 20/20 Armor to train at home — so we wanted to reward them! We have created a referral program that’s easy to use and will help you create new revenue streams at your school that will motivate your students to stay longer and become better martial artists. But what is our referral system? 

What is the 2020 Armor Referral Program? 

We set up an automated system where all you do is share your personal club affiliate link, which we create and share with you (for Your students just need to click that link once, and every time they purchase from us, we can track that it was from you. Each time your students order a vest with your link you get 15% in credit. So if six students each get a vest, you’ve earned yourself a free 2020 Armor chest guard or two of our headgears coming out 4th quarter 2020.

How is Our New Referral Program Turnkey for You?

We know you’re busier than you have ever been. So we’ve made a turnkey solution to make the referral process as easy to execute as possible. We’ll provide you with a poster that outlines all the benefits of training at home with 20/20 Armor to your students you can put up in your hallway, a social post you can share on your Facebook and an email to your parents. All you have to do is bring it up in your classes and direct parents to the page on your website where you have your referral code.  

Why This Will Make You Far More Than 15% in Credit Per Vest

The 15% in credit is a fringe benefit to our affiliate program. That’s what you get if you just direct your students to make their own purchase and walk away. The real benefits of having more gear in your school is that you will have more opportunities to attract more recruits, retain the students you have and create new revenue. We are going to outline several easy strategies you can leverage this referral program to make more money at your school and make serious money that will help your school grow. 

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1. Hold Faster, Better Tournaments with More Gear

The first thing you are probably thinking about is tournaments. Of course having more armor allows you to have more rings and that means your tournaments are faster, can include more competitors and with 2020 Armor’s technology will be faster, fairer and more fun. By running a modest competition with just 60 kids at $50 dollars entry that can be $3000 every month or every two month depending on how often you want to run a competition. But students with 2020 Armor will naturally be more competitive as they train to beat their own scores at home. So you’ll likely see your participation skyrocket.  That’s between $18,000 to $36,000 a year dependent on the regularity of your tournament schedule. 

2. Retention: Competing at Home 

With 2020 Armor every training session at home can be a competition against their personal best and measured against their peers. With our mobile app they can track progress in stamina, reaction time and power for each individual kick, averaged over each class and over time. This makes them more dedicated martial artists who will stick with your program. Seeing progress will also deepen their love of the sport and make them likely to enter and complete your Blackbelt program. Every student who enters a Blackbelt program is worth between 5 to 7K to a school owner. 

3. Retention: Dedicated Sparring Programs 

Mr. Jonathan Frank of ATA Maryland introduced 2020 Armor for his sparring programs. Of 55 students in his program not one of them quit over the entirety of the year. As a school owner you’ll know how remarkable that is. His team won a record 71 ATA championships, the most awarded to any school in the United States. But what’s truly notable is that all of those students in his program were teenagers and they are the most difficult to retain. A secret to his success was having 24 units. Which was almost one unit for every two students. Consider starting a 2020 Armor sparring team at your school to get a foothold on this difficult to keep market. Mr. Frank saved over $10,000 dollars over just one year in retention revenue. 

4. Dedicated Classes 

Dedicated 2020 Armor classes don’t have to be just for sparring. You can use 2020 Armor with your family classes as it helps martial artists of all ages turn their training into a game or even for your colored belts needing a little kick to get focused about their training. The more gear you have the more students can train at the same time. With just 30 students at $25 dollars extra a month you are making $9000 dollars extra a year.  Because they have the equipment at home you can run this class whether they are in your school or not. 

5. An Alternative to Sparring for Competitions 

An average of 55% of students drop out when sparring is introduced. Yet we know that participation in competition dramatically increases a student’s connection to their school. 2020 Armor reduces drop out by getting students to focus on playing the game rather than the fear of hitting or getting hit. But we also offer students an alternative means of competing with our other game modes, which can be used in Carnival like events, where they can participate without sparring.

Consider charging $30 dollars per head for a Performance Day every month to all different levels of your school where they measure for power, speed and stamina and are pushed to their limit. That could easily bring in $700 to $1000 dollars income every month and students for events for students who wouldn’t go to sparring events, creating a completely new revenue stream. That’s between $8,400 and $12,000 dollars more every year from the events themselves. And that’s not even including the retention benefits. 

6. Private Lessons 

Most schools have instituted private sessions as part of their online classes. With 2020 Armor you can take your private lessons to the next level. You can set goals and actually measure them. You can also get your students to record their training on the 2020 Armor App (their stats will be overlaid the video stream) and submit them for you to review on your own time. Many instructors are charging an extra $25 dollars a month for these data driven online sessions. For each student it would just check over a minute to do. It’ll be beneficial for the students and offer that extra bit of attention which turns them into better martial artists. $25 dollars a month x50 students x12 months= $15,000 in one year. 

Our New Referral Program: Summary 

You don’t have three weeks to sit here and read this article so we aren’t going to tell you every way having more 2020 Armor will benefit your school. We left out Bring A Buddy Nights with higher conversion rates, Archery Tag and about six hundred other ideas.  

It really comes down to this. If you use this turnkey program with almost no effort your school will make more money and your students will become better martial artists. 

Letter to Your Students' Parents 

We wrote a letter for you to send you to your students and parents email that you can fill in or edit at your leisure. .

Subject: Take Your Child’s Performance To The Next Level

We’re excited to offer you the chance to have your child use of our favorite training tools for at home training. 

2020 Armor is a video game scoring vest that you can wear, hold or put on a punching bag.  It offers instant feedback on technique, and was developed by world renowned martial artists. It is so easy to use  that your child can operate it themselves. See it for yourself at 

2020 Armor makes learning martial arts into a game your child will love. The more fun students have, the more they practice, the more they practice, the more progress they’ll see. All this makes happier, healthier, more confident students. 

Key Benefits: 

  1. Secure your investment in your child's martial arts training by practicing what they learn in class at home. 
  2. Teach students to set goals and achieve them. Track and improve speed, accuracy, timing and power to excel in class and competition with the free mobile app.  
  3. Get social reinforcement by sharing scores on social media and competing against their friends to be the best in their class, in their state and even in the world. 

Use our school’s exclusive link ________ to make your purchase online or contact me if you require any assistance. 

Sign up right now and a member of our team will go over your application and get back to you within 2 business days. (Takes less than a minute, we’ve actually timed it.)