How to Attract Students with Your 2020 Armor Gear

How to Attract Students with Your 2020 Armor Gear

Your 2020 Armor gear is an investment, so why not use it to its full potential? Yes - our Smart Training Vests & Headgear are extremely beneficial to your existing student base - but why not use your flashy new smart tech to attract new students to your club as well?

Follow the steps in this easy guide to get the word out about your club’s cutting-edge technology. You’re embracing the future of martial arts…let’s make sure everyone knows it! 

The first step to attract new students with your 2020 Armor gear is to utilize the power of social media. Resources like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok are powerful tools at your disposal. The best part? You can use them to show off your new tech for free! Make a video about how excited you are for your students to train with 2020 Armor gear. In the caption, prompt engagement by adding something simple like, “Drop a 👊🏼 in the comments if you’re excited to try out 2020 Armor smart tech!”

Another way to attract new students to your club with your 2020 Armor tech is by participating in community events. Do a quick Google search to look for events in your area you could be a part of. Remember: the further in advance you plan - the higher your chance of success! Look for events like…

  • Renting a booth at a fair 
  • Carnivals 
  • Parades 
  • Movie releases 
  • Halloween events (Trick or Treat, haunted house events, etc.)
  • Chili cook-offs 
  • Town anniversary parties

Once you’ve narrowed down a list of events, make your booth interactive and allow students to try out the gear + app themselves. Make sure you have everyone sign a waiver before participating. 

Walk-bys and intro classes are other great ways to attract new students to your school using 2020 Armor. Use our window cling and banner to show that your school is affiliated with an international company at the cutting-edge of martial arts. It’s a great way to show potential students that your school is dedicated to using technology to help students train better and smarter. 

Additionally, an intro class is a great way to get potential students excited about training with 2020 Armor. At the beginning of these classes, we suggest you take baseline statistics that can be used later on for retention at testings. For beginners, the baseline stats we use are reflex and power. Both can be measured on your 2020 Armor tech! 

A combination of these strategies will set your school on the right track to attract tons of new students eager and ready to train with 2020 Armor. We hope you’re excited to train the next generation of martial artists with our cutting-edge technology!