How to Choose the Right Vest Sensitivity for Your Students

With 2020 Armor we offer 10 difficulty levels in all of our game modes for everyone from beginners to blackbelts. For your students to properly push themselves and improve they need to be on the right difficulty level. How do you find out the proper difficulty level that is appropriate to your students? 

Our first tip to finding their level is a rule of thumb. Students who are 6-13 are usually level 1-5 and adults are 5-10. While this generally works this isn’t always true. Some kids start growing earlier than their classmates and are capable of greater power. And some older students with less training may not have the technique to reach an age appropriate level. 

When introducing the game to your classes it can help to start them all on level 1. You can work up from there. Because it’s nice to hit a goal early on as social reinforcement and then reach a place of difficulty they have to strive to overcome. 

Whether you want them to hit harder or to control, an instructor can use Hitmer  to identify the appropriate sensitivity level by establishing a target. Game 10 or Hitmeter is a game that measures your power. The vest measures your strength of impact and gives you a score.  If you want control, aim for strikes in the yellow. If the instructor has interest in building power, the sensitivity can be adjusted up. The instructor doesn’t need to remember each student’s level.  They will remember and try to exceed their own difficulty level. 

Then regardless of the game being played, they have their standard sensitivity level based on what they produced on game 10.  As they improve, they will get to see their level go up. 

If you are looking for a direct comparison for World Taekwondo weight divisions, and what 2020 Armor health settings would best match those we created a document that shows these here:

The beauty of this approach is that when you start your students will have a real baseline for their performance for the first time ever.

This elevates training by giving them real goals to strive for. You’ll notice that after they do a strike they’ll check their score. Intuitively they’ll begin to make adjustments to get better performance. You aren’t simply training. You’re competing against yourself. 

Our equipment reinforces your teaching by demonstrating the impact of proper technique. It rewards the work they put in. And keeps them engaged in your classes. 

Congratulations on taking your training to the next level! Please let us know if there is anything we can help you with. We are always here. Ready to help.