How To Implement 2020 Without Changing Your Class Structure

You spent a lot of time making sure that your school is a well oiled machine. You love 2020 Armor but don’t want to change the structure of your classes. After all, why change something if it’s already working? 

We come across this question a lot when we are dealing with bigger, well established schools.  This article will give you three easy to implement tips on how to deploy 2020 Armor to improve what you’re already doing and keep your lesson plans in tact. 

1. Recruit At Trade Shows With 2020 Armor 

Do you know that 97% of people at your recruitment events aren’t interested in martial arts? To get the attention of attendees you need a way to draw them in. The people you’re trying to recruit are however interested in video games. 

Let’s replace your spin the wheel and break a board with our “Light Up The Bob” tactic to maximize your results. After all nothing attracts a crowd like flashing lights and video games. 

What You Do

Get attendees to play Hit Meter on Level 1, and if they can get up to Yellow setting they can get a free month of classes.  This way they aren’t just getting free classes, they are winning the right to take those classes. It’s not a coupon, it’s a prize. By giving students a sense of accomplishment you give them the belief that they can overcome their fear of not being able to learn. This fear is a huge hurdle keeping potential students from your school and can be easily overcome with 2020 Armor.

What You Need

For this strategy, all you need is a mat, 1 BOB XL or Wavemaster XL and 1 2020 Armor Vest.  Recommended to use 2 of each because the lines can get long otherwise.

What You Say 

Hey if you like to play video games, you can do so in real life, let me show you”

“How hard can you punch or kick? If you light up the vest to yellow you win a prize!”

What You Get 

Using 2020 Armor will appeal to an untapped demographic of video gaming love students who wouldn’t traditionally be interested in martial arts. You also differentiate yourself from other schools in the area.  Anytime you bring 2020 Armor to a trade show you get massive line ups. With this simple strategy you can convert your line ups to sign ups. 

2.  Replace Bad Target Holders with 2020 Armor on Bobs/Wavemasters or Punching Bags

It’s no secret that students don’t make the best target holders. We have all had more than one training session ruined because of this. If you have a bad target holder you can’t kick and you put the kicker at risk of actual injury. This frustrates not only students but also the parents who came to watch them practice. 

What You Do

Put 2020 Armor on a Bob or Wavemaster instead of asking a student to hold a target. This way you give the kicker a target that is set up properly and they are able to get instant feedback on their kicks. In a larger classroom where it is difficult to give each student personal attention the 2020 Armor can serve as a private instructor. Your students will intuitively know what they need to do to maximize their score and will be more excited about target practice. 

Why You Do This

You eliminate the dangers caused by poor target holders. This increases the quality of your classroom experience for your students and reduces the risk of accidental injury. By providing instant feedback you show your students that they are improving and this keeps them engaged in their training. This simple strategy will increase your retention rate. 

3. Improve Tournaments With 2020 Gaming Stations

You make good money from your tournaments and are comfortable with the scoring system you are using. You don’t need to run a 2020 Armor ring at your first event. But you can use 2020 Armor to solve a problem that every tournament faces. 

Delays reduce student’s enjoyment of their experience and make parents less likely to sign their kids up next year.  Use a 2020 Armor Gaming Station to keep your students engaged during wait times and make extra income. 

What You Do

Setting up a gaming station can be as simple as creating a dedicated ring in the holding area with 2 sized four Recreational Electronic Chest guards on Wavemaster XLs or BOBs and getting student volunteers to facilitate the game play. You can run any of the ten game modes and get participants to play during down time. 

3 Pricing Models 

  1. Free Model (Passive): With the free model you run the Gaming Station as a free activity. This allows participants to vent boredom and takes up some of their downtime.  The free gaming station is a retention strategy to make the experience of going to the tournament more pleasant so attendees will sign up next year.  This station should be manned by a volunteer as it will not be generating revenue. 
  2. Pay to Play Model (Income Model): This is a gaming station that alleviate boredom while generating new revenue. Having there be a charge per use is useful because it offers the opportunity if your event is running late you can give away stamps for a free game on the house as a way of showing that you care about your customers. This model also means you can make extra income while keeping your audience engaged.
  3. Unlimited Model (Income Model): Customers pay ten dollars to pay at the gaming station all day. This gives your customers a way to entertain themselves but also means they don’t have to worry about paying to use it over and over again and you get one bulk payment per customer.

If you charge 10 dollars for unlimited play and sell 50 wristbands at your tournament you have made an easy $500 dollars at your event with almost no effort. Whether you use the 2020 Armor Gaming Station for income creation or for retention made the tournament experience better for your guests and made them more likely to come back for the next iteration.

By using these three easy to implement strategies you can attract more students, increase your retention rate and make your tournaments more fun and profitable. Get in touch with us in the chat or at with any questions you might have!