How To Use 2020 Armor for Talent ID

How To Use 2020 Armor for Talent ID

The triangle to identify a future potential athlete is body type, physical attributes and results in the ring.

But how do you identify a future athlete with no information about their physical attributes or ring results?

2020 Armor can fill the gap by providing easy to collect data on the potential athletes physical attributes such as reaction, power stamina and timing. By collecting these data points at any location (no special facilities needed – just a 2020 Armor vest and headgear, mobile phone and a BOB punching bag) the coach can see if a potential athlete has the natural physical abilities to get to the highest level.

By doing a very simple test and comparing it to standards of other athletes, a coach can determine the future potential of an athlete.

It is important to also note that the data collected by the 2020 Armor represents real martial art movements, and not proxy tests. For example, power is usually measured by a one rep max squat. This is a a great proxy but does not take into account the complex movements of a kick where power transfer can be lost based on technique.

We created a presentation that goes into the details of the data collected, and what they imply in the link below:

Coaches & High Performance Directors Guide to Measuring, Improving and Adjust Athletes using 2020 Armor