How World Champions Cope With Failure And Learn To Win

How World Champions Cope With Failure And Learn To Win

No one likes to lose. Especially not world champions like your instructors at TKD Kicks Corona. What if I told you that even world champion regularly face failure, but how they reacted to failure was their secret to success? We are going to teach you how to cope with failure and learn to win.  

You know that feeling when you feel that you never want to try again and expose yourself to the shame of losing? We are going to give you the tools to face that fear and succeed in the future whether it’s on a school project or in a competition on the world stage. 

Watch the video at the top of the article and learn how your instructors reframe losses into learning experiences and find the mindset that helps them succeed.

Home Work: Learning How To Positively Cope With Failure And Learn To Win

Think of at least one example of where a loss taught you something. Could you have learned the lesson if you hadn’t been forced by failure? Contemplate the thing you are most proud of accomplishing. Ask yourself if there was a moment in the process where you got discouraged or contemplated quitting? Find the places where failure taught you a lesson.

The second part of the homework is to go out and fail at something. Yes, we absolutely mean it. Go and find something you’ve always wanted to do and take the first faltering steps towards doing it. Believe in yourself!

We know that you can do it!

TKD Kicks Corona Organizers 2020 Armor wants to give you a little help recovering from failure.

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