Settings & Setup

  • Game #3 (Race)
  • Health Setting: choose one appropriate for the skill level
  • Time: Set depending on the size of your team. This game does not work with Infinite Time.
  • 2 vests on BOBs/Wavemasters/Bags
  • 1 or more people on each team
  • Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate


Set up the units on bags. Place a series of markers on the floor at periodic distances from the targets in a straight line. This can be done by simply laying a kicking paddle or shield on the floor at each of these points. The furthest mark from the target acts as your starting line.

Form a line of participants behind the starting line. When the game starts, the first 2 participants must run from the starting line up to the first marker, touch the ground at that distance from the bag, then return back to the starting line. This process repeats for each marker in sequence (in the style of a running drill known as a “suicide”), approaching closer and closer to the target each time. When there are no more markers left to touch, the player must run from the starting line to the target and perform a hit that registers satisfactorily.

The object of the game is to complete each marker touch accurately and quickly and hit the target before the opponent.

Difficulty for this drill can be calibrated to the desired level by:

  • Changing the distance between markers
  • Changing the number of markers
  • Limiting technique choices
  • Changing the height of the bags
  • Changing the Health Setting
  • Changing the size of the team

What They Are Learning

In this game, the students are learning to go only as fast as they can be accurate, while maintaining agility and ability to change direction. You can use this opportunity to describe to the students the importance of maintaining balance and not overcommitting to a target, so that future actions can be executed efficiently.

This game also focuses on ring generalship stamina, as each direction change causes the participant to slow down then re-accelerate on a new path, similar to the footwork required to manage the ring in a match between engagements.