Letter to Club Owners

Dear Club Owner,
Running a successful Dojang is a serious and difficult endeavor, but it is rewarding work built on passion and personal investment. We would know; the founders of 20/20 Armor run six Taekwondo Dojangs across the United States and Canada, and when we wake up in the morning we each feel privileged that this is what we get to do every day. And while every Club Owner will make their own place of practice unique with their style and culture, we have found that the core values and desires in all Dojangs are near universal. At our core, we really only want a few basic things:

“I want my students to experience that same positive influence that my predecessor had on me.”

It is no secret that the values we were taught and that we try to impart to our students are missing from today’s Taekwondo. This leaves us in an odd predicament. How can we use speed and power to teach our students to be effective people when speed and power are no longer relevant to the fight? We teach them that by utilizing strategy and tactics that any task is possible, but how can this be true when the foot-fencing-cut-kick is the only strategy left?

Enter 20/20 Armor.

20/20 Armor was built to restore the values of Taekwondo to Taekwondo; values like speed and power, and combat ideals, such as the notion of a smaller fighter defeating a larger opponent through strategy, effort, and effect. This is why 20/20 Armor measures and judges each technique on its own merit. We offer Taekwondo a method of re-introducing elements of “Old School” Taekwondo in a very modern way.

“I want my Dojang to survive. Then I want it to be stable. Then I want it to grow.”

In order for us to impact students, we first have to have students. The rent has to be paid and the lights need to stay on. As much as we wish that Dojangs were immune, at their heart Taekwondo clubs are businesses and must deal with financial burdens. This is what enables teachers to be the best they can be and impact as many people as possible.

Every 20/20 Armor unit features a variety of games and training tools designed on helping the instructors and students get the most out of every training session, and keep students longer. 20/20 Armor is built to be the new, most effective piece in the instructor’s toolkit in delivering their life-changing messages. The Recreational Chest Guard ships with no less than 7 Game Modes, each providing instant feedback, gratification, and entertainment. These are actually the same tools and concepts that have been time tested in video games and digital media to attract consumers (mainly children). 20/20 Armor flips the formula and uses this approach to empower the instructor in their classroom and encourage students to be more active, healthy, and engaged in sport.

This became much harder when Electronic Body Protectors first came out. Computers, transmitters, scoring triggers, sensing foot guards and the protectors themselves represented an enormous lump sum financial burden. Many smaller clubs had to make a hard choice between being financially responsible and being relevant. Most compromised on purchasing only a few units; not enough to really train their school with, but enough to see what it was all about and be informed. Unfortunately, since the inception of PSS these prices have only increased… until now.

The vision of 20/20 Armor is to double Taekwondo’s participation worldwide by bringing students of all levels, not just our most elite athletes, into the electronic era. We do this by providing the highest accuracy at the lowest cost in the industry, bar none. But we also do it by making our system easier to adopt than any other training utility. Th20/20 Armor units do not require any of the peripherals that have made implementing electronics in your classroom so cumbersome. Fighters need only chest bump to sync up and begin the fight, and the status of the match is presented on a display on each guard, so there is no need to have software, a computer, a monitor, or a receiver for every set of fighters, and the transmitters are built right into the units, not separated for additional cost. And because our patent pending Energy Scoring is designed to score each technique proportional to its effect, point scoring triggers are also a thing of the past. This makes it possible for instructors to realistically implement 20/20 Armor as a utility for all students, increasing classroom content, helping the instructor deliver more effective students’ personal growth, and increasing student retention through engaging games and challenges to keep students involved longer and increase the club’s bottom line, all without forcing a club into that decision between cost and relevance.

I hope you will take the next step and invite 20/20 Armor into your clubs and experience the difference.
Tony Kook,
2020 Armor VP Sales
Owner of 4 clubs and over 1,200 students