May 7th 2020 Armor App Update: Major New Features Released in Our Biggest Update Ever

May 7th 2020 Armor App Update: Major New Features Released in Our Biggest Update Ever

App Update: May 7, 2020

The newest release of the 20/20 Armor App is live on the Google Play and the App Store! We have jam packed this release with the most cutting edge features to give you the edge in training like never before. Let’s get into it

Part 1: Fit Test 

With this release we see the first major step towards comprehensive analytics in the martial arts. The all new Fit Test runs you through a mixed battery of physical tests to get your first look at a comprehensive overview of your martial arts specific fitness and readiness. Track these stats so you can see your growth over time or even compare your metrics to others around the globe!

Part 2: High Performance Live

High Performance Live gives you the ability to share your training with others like never before! Just set up your phone for video, start training and see your scores and performance indicators tracked live alongside you on camera! Time to prove to your friends that you really can put the pedal to the metal and show them just what your best performance really looks like. Share your videos to social media and challenge your opponents no matter where they are!

Part 3: Game Logs 

Want to see how you did in a previous game? Need a record to show that you really did get that high score? Then simply check under your Profile and find that game in your new Tracking Log, recording your performance for review at any time. You can even add notes to individual games to compliment your records of training and growth.

Part 4: School Branding

Time to show your school spirit! Our flagship Energy scoring mode now supports customization with your school’s name, website and logo on every recorded video! Make sure you fill out this information in your profile and represent!
And of course, we have added all kinds of stability upgrades and bug fixes to give you a more robust experience across devices.


To use any of these new app features, all chest guards must be updated to firmware v2.5.0. For all newly shipped or previously updated units, this can be done through the app itself with no need to use the Desktop Updater.
For questions, tech support and troubleshooting on the new app or any other facet of your 20/20 Armor, please send an email to

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