“Physically Distanced Drills” Seminar with Samery and Melany Moras

“Physically Distanced Drills” Seminar with Samery and Melany Moras

We believe nothing is more important than helping our customers thrive during these uncertain times so school owners can focusing on teaching martial arts to students who need their lessons now more than ever. We know you pride yourself on your high energy classes. But we also know it’s been a little harder to bring excitement to the mats with physically distanced drills.

We got you covered with a full hour seminar with incredibly popular martial arts influencer Samery Moras and Coach Melany Moras demonstrating 20 Physically Distanced drills guaranteed to get your classes excited and get the energy back up where it’s supposed to be while still keeping six feet distanced between your students. We did 20 Physically Distanced drills with 10 you can do with 2020 Armor and 10 without.

Our Teachers for Physically Distanced Drills Seminar 

Master Samery Moras grew up in an entrepreneurial family and is now one of the owners of 2 Martial Arts Schools in Utah. She has now also founded Live Martial Arts, an Online Martial Arts training academy, and has grown a social media audience of over 250k followers and +10 million views!

Coach Melany Moras earned a spot on Peru’s national team at age 15, specializing in Olympic style Taekwondo and beginning a career competing at a high level of competition. For the next few years she was highly devoted to everything Taekwondo, competing throughout South America and as far away as Korea. She took third at the Pan American Games, second at the South American Games and won gold at the World Taekwondo Open. Along with the family came their Taekwondo school and years of teaching experience, which they put to use opening facilities in Orem and Draper. Eight years later, they teach more than 250 students and were ranked as the top school in Utah in 2012 after an impressive performance at the Utah State Championships.

Watch the live stream above to get all their best insights and ideas to keep your class exciting while maintaining physical distancing! We wrote down the best insights from the live stream for a quick read through for school owners on the go.

Insights for Physically Distanced Drills Without 2020 Armor: 

Note: To find the different drills you can look at the title card on the screen and it will tell you the type of drill they are focusing on.

Make sure that all your students have something they can do while the drills are going on (whether counting down the other students kicks, keeping time, doing exercises at a secondary station.) Keep them occupied so they stay focused.

Minimize waiting time between activities. Have secondary stations going where students can stay active.

Giving students a goal to work off keeps things exciting for the kids.

Focus on specific skills like endurance, flexibility and stamina and record student scores so they can compete against each other and themselves on a leaderboard.

Incentivize students to beat their own scores with push ups if they haven't beaten their own best score. This keeps energy high and pushes them to their limits.

Provide gentle encouragement and correction to get them to push. PCP = Praise, Critique, Praise.

Insights for Physically Distanced Drills With 2020 Armor: 

We did 10 drills with 2020 Armor focusing on stamina, reaction time and power. To find the drills just follow the super( title card) on the screen and it will tell you what the drills featured are focusing on and whether they use 2020 Armor.

It's easy for students to set up the 2020 Armor because it's so simple to operate. The students instantly knew how to use the system.

Track scores on reaction, reflex and power to get precise measurement that students can measure to keep them excited about the drills and motivated to beat their own personal best. You can do this on the vest or in the app. On the vest is less precise but takes less set up time.

Set short times for the drills to keep them fully committed and pushing themselves the entire time. Also gives the option for more attempts to do the same drill and best personal scores.

Students will self correct their technique to get higher scores as the system incentivizes proper technique.

Get students cheering each other on to create a mini tournament like environment in class. To create even more excitement have different training groups training against each other with the 2020 Armor.

Make sure that your students are in the right areas and separated in the dojang so they don't come together when they are excited while playing the games.

The app shows you how strong you can kick. Kids wanted to stay a half hour after class to get the most powerful kick. With 2020 Armor you have to kick kids out of class. No one wants to leave. This can really get enthusiasm up by holding these little in class competitions.

Shouting a little encouragement to push themselves a little further can work wonders for getting students to improve their scores. Whether it's trying to reach a different color goal on the vest itself or a more precise number driven goal on the app. The more clear the goal, the harder they'll train.

Students get excited by the tension in the game survival. The game modes keep students on the edge of their seats because they are never exactly the same.

Your students often think they are faster or stronger than they actually are. But you can't argue with the technology because it's objective. This can give them a baseline to strive towards surpassing.

The bonus round was physically distanced sparring matches. Very worth checking out if you're looking for a way to get sparring into your drills despite physical distancing!

If you don't have enough vests for every single student, use 2020 Armor as an independent station you can use as a reward. Because kids get excited to do it!

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Key Note:

Use 2020 Armor's objective measurement to motivate your students. Reward them for having the fastest kick in the dojang for the month.

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