Planning for the Next Six Weeks

Martial Arts schools are closing their doors for the next few weeks to keep their community safe from Coronavirus. No one knows how long it’s going to last. But currently Master Duke Lee, of Germantown Martial Arts, is working on strategies to prevent attrition over the next six weeks and hold onto the 15 new students his school attracted the month before.  

“The worst case we are planning for is being closed until the end of April,” says Master Duke Lee. “We are closed for the next two weeks. That’s what a lot of places are doing. There is so much uncertainty right now. I look at it like opening a new dojang. You start from the bottom. You gotta hustle everyday. You have to figure things out. Things happen. Life gets in your way. It’s not just me struggling. It’s everyone. We have never had this type of experience. It’s like becoming a Blackbelt. It’s not easy every day. Sometimes it’s very challenging. It’s one of those things we have to figure out. Because what we are fighting for is worth it.”  

Here are the strategies Master Duke Lee is using over the next six weeks to prevent attrition and give his new students a reason to continue attending his school when this is all over. 

Heavily Discounted Prices For The Next Month

Master Duke Lee is offering heavily discounted classes to his students for the next month. This keeps parents and students who were pleased with your classes continuing to pay their monthly fees. If they don’t want to continue, he will offer them the traditional rates when they return. 

Online Curriculum

Master Lee is taking his courses online to make sure that his students continue to get value when they can’t practice at his dojang. Like many school owners he’s making it possible for his students to work toward their stripes from home. For more information on how to get started on your online programs click here

Holiday Box

Every year Germantown Martial Arts does a Holiday Gift box sale. During this sale customers can give a gift card and it will be worth 20% more in value than what you pay. So for example if you got a $100 dollar gift certificate it’d be worth $120 dollars.  Many small businesses in this difficult time are asking for their customers to support them by purchasing gift cards. What makes Master Lee’s Holiday Gift Box idea a better approach is that not only are they supporting the school, but he is giving them a special deal to do so. 

We are going to continue to provide resources for school owners dealing with the impact of the Coronavirus on their small business. Go to our special “Rebuilding From Coronavirus” page to sign up to get more insights from your colleagues around the globe.

We are going to do everything we can to help. We are going to get through this together.

For medical updates on Coronavirus: United States customers go to the CDC website and for Canadian customers please go here for the latest updates.