Script: How To Talk To Parents About Freezing Their Payments

Today we had a great live stream on Facebook with Master Tony Kook, a successful school owner with four schools, about strategies for school owners to mitigate the economic impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. The video above provides school owners with a script they can use when parents ask to freeze their payments.

Every school owner is going to experience this problem and is rightfully concerned about the impact this will have on their small business during these difficult times.

Master Kook advised that the best way to deal with it was by being open and honest about the strain this epidemic is putting on small businesses. Then to suggest that if the parents could afford it, keeping the payments going would make it possible for the dojang to be there when all of this is over and that if they were okay doing so they would provide students with added value and incentives (private lessons, online training when they can’t be in the dojang). Master Kook provided perfect wording for school owners anxious to speak to their parents about this very important issue in the video provided above. It’s worth watching a couple of times.

We are going to continue to provide resources for school owners dealing with the impact of the Coronavirus on their small business. For access to the full live stream and bullet-points for all of Master Kook’s insights on minimizing losses during the Coronavirus pandemic click here.

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For medical advice for United States customers go to the CDC website and for Canadian customers please go here for the latest updates.