Step-by-Step Guide to Make your Money Back

20/20 Armor is the only martial arts gear you can buy that makes you money.  We’ve created a how-to guide that will give you proven strategies that can help you can earn your money back within three months of your purchase.  This guide is broken down by investment level and what you need to do to earn your money back. 

This document focuses on recruitment strategies to attract new students. 20/20 Armor can also be used to increase your retention and create new revenue streams with branded classes and exciting in house events and links to these strategies will be provided at the end of the document.

How 2020 Armor Helps You Stand out 

Every school has different struggles to attract new students based on where they are located. In larger urban areas, you will be competing against other martial arts schools in your area and 20/20 Armor can be a key differentiator making your school more exciting to potential students. In smaller areas, your challenge is recruiting the students you need from a smaller population base. 20/20 Armor helps you recruit kids who like to play video games and wouldn’t be your normal customer.

How to Make Back $1,100 - 2 Vests

Tactic: Attract at a Fair "Light Up the Bob"

What You Do: 

Get attendees to play Hit Meter on Level 1, and if they can get up to Yellow setting they can get a free month of classes.  This way they aren’t just getting free classes, they are winning the right to take those classes. It’s not a coupon, it’s a prize. By giving students a sense of accomplishment you give them the belief that they can overcome their fear of not being able to learn. This fear is a huge hurdle keeping potential students from your school and can be easily overcome with 20/20 Armor. 

Types of Local Events for Recruitment

  • Demos
  • Street Fairs
  • Charity events
  • Martial Arts School Fundraisers
  • Local school district events

What You Need:

For this strategy, all you need is a mat, 1 BOB XL or Wavemaster XL and 1 20/20 Armor Vest.  Recommended to use 2 of each because the lines can get long otherwise. 

What You Say: 

“Hey if you like to play video games, you can do so in real life, let me show you”

“How hard can you punch or kick? If you light up the vest to yellow you win a prize!”

Return on Investment: 

By signing up 2 new students (avg monthly tuition of $100/month and average contract length of 6 months) you make $1,200 per event.

TOTAL: $1200

Bonus points for asking attendees to videotape their attempt and post it on their social media accounts and then tagging your club. We’ve found this an extremely successful tactic for expanding your recruitment tactics outside the event. 

How to Make Back $2,200 - 4 Vests



"The Walk in Video Game"

Most of your customers are from a younger generation and the vast majority are into video games. Capture their imagination when they come in, and convert them into a customer. 

What You Do: 

Book your in class demos during a 2020 Armor Class this way you’re connecting their interest in the video games they love to your class. You can teach them how to improve their scores and actually show their progress from the beginning to the end of class, giving them instant positive feedback that will get them excited about everything they can learn in your school. 

Return on Investment

"Walk In Video Game"

By Signing up 2 new students (avg monthly tuition of $100/month and average contract length of 6 months) you make $1,200. 

Do the “ATTRACT AT THE FAIR – LIGHT UP THE BOB ” tactic as well with 2 students you make $1,200

TOTAL: $2,400

How to Make Back $3,300 - 6 Vests



New Tactic

“In-House Recruitment Events” 

What You Do:

Use the 20/20 Armor to make your typical recruitment events convert more attendees into students. With 20/20 Armor you can play different carnival-style games to appeal to kids with different strengths. Play Race with kids who pride themselves on their speed. Play Hitmeter to test the strengths of your stronger students. Get them to do Energy Sparring to put them inside their favourite video-game and make these in house events come alive. Give everyone a chance to win and you’ll recruit more students!

Types of Recruitment Events 

  • Birthday parties – Playing light up the Bob on Hitmeter, give out prizes like Dogtags with your Club logo on it. 
  • Open House: Can be an annual or bi-annual event, opening your school to the public.  Do a party, free classes, special offers for attendees. 
  • Nerf gun Fight: Put on the vests and now you can track the score instead of just guessing
  • Halloween parties: Do energy sparring as your favorite video game characters! 
  • Pizza Parties: Pizza parties to celebrate seasonal change, holidays, or celebrations.  These are all opportunities to invite friends and family and use the equipment. 
  • Annual Holiday Sales: 2 points to consider:
    • Renewal of membership contracts at the annual holiday sale (at a significant discount).  
    • Create student layaway for 20/20 Armor so that students can buy their own. Sell it with at a  margin so that you make more income. 
  • Bring A Buddy Event: The Buddy gets to kick the friend and that way it builds friendly rivalry and competition. Plus theme it as a video game party!

Return on Investment

“Light up the BOB” getting 2 students: $1,200

“Walk-in Video Game” for 2 students:$1,200

“In House Recruitment Events” for 2 students: $1,200

TOTAL: $3,600

Take it Further

Host your own dedicated 2020 Armor classes ~ $7,200 / year

Have your own in house events ~ $2400 / year:

Add 20/20 Armor Gaming Stations to your Tournaments!

Contact us at for more information and to book a call to get any questions you might have answered. We’re always here to support you!