Tech-Tonic Shift: Taekwondo Quebec Becomes First Federation to Embrace Energy Scoring in Combat Sports

Toronto, ON Canada. October 16th 2017. Taekwondo; a sport first appearing in the Olympic Games in 1988, has been at risk of removal from the Olympic Programme in recent years. This is in large part due to current scoring system, which is complex and unfriendly to spectators, often results in human error, controversy, and overall confusion and dissatisfaction from both athletes and fans.

At the 2017 Canada Open tournament in Montreal, hosted by Taekwondo Canada, a monumental step was taken by one of the largest Taekwondo bodies in North America. This tournament featured great global competition, and in that spirit something profound happened as well. Taekwondo began its tectonic shift into a new era of combat sports.

20/20 Armor is an innovative start up with both American and Canadian roots. They have developed an electronic chest guard with a video game scoring model, making striking martial arts (such as Taekwondo and Karate), transparently scored and easily understood by spectators.

Taekwondo Quebec has officially become the first Federation to buy in to this needed change. They have now become the first global competitive governing body to embrace this technology. Ali Ghafour (Founder and CEO of 20/20 Armor) commented on the transaction, stating that “Quebec Taekwondo Federation has always been a leader and produces some of the best athletes for Canada. I am proud that such an esteemed group believes in 20/20 Armor to grow their organizations members and make taekwondo more fun and fair”.
“The Quebec Taekwondo Fédération has committed and decided to purchase the recreational version of 20/20 Armor to enhance and promote interest in our sport by allowing any kid as well as adult interact and experience the fun factor in combat sports”. Responding on behalf of Fédération Québécoise de Taekwondo, was Treasurer Nicholas Petrone. “20/20 Armor is the perfect tool to strengthen the participation in our growing sport. Its simplicity, out of the box setup, can be used within seconds. In today’s era Technology connects us, unites us and this innovation amplifies the many possibilities in Martial arts, in our case Taekwondo.”

Quebec Taekwondo Federation’s commitment reinforces the 20/20 Armor vision of growing Taekwondo into a professional sport like soccer and basketball, while making it spectator friendly. Its simplicity is borrowed from fighting video games such as Street Fighter, Tekken, and Mortal Kombat. Both fighters have health bars and the harder you hit, the more health your opponent loses.

About 2020 Armor 

2020 Armor is a sports technology company that develops martial art scoring equipment and software, transforming martial arts into a mainstream professional sport like soccer. The company’s flagship product tracks impacts through a vest that shows the score on the vest itself using scoring from popular video games. Customers include the largest martial art clubs in the world. Founders are former professional martial art players and investors include LeAD sports founded by the family members of Adidas.
Its vision is to To be the standard of impact measurement for all martial arts, the official scoring system of the Olympics, and to make martial arts a spectator friendly professional sport


Ali Ghafour
Founder and CEO of 2020 Armor
1 (844) 963-2020

Twitter/Instagram: @2020armor

SOURCE 20/20 Armor Inc.

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