Want 50 More Leads From Your Next Recruitment Event?

Want 50 More Leads From Your Next Recruitment Event?

“This was our first time using 20/20 Armor at a recruiting event and we got 50 leads in just a couple hours!” says Master Emerson Wong, owner of Pulse TKD with three locations in Ontario. “We have gone to many events and trade shows and never gotten results like this. Usually we hover around 10 leads. We go in our uniforms and we bring kicking pads and some people come around and see us.  But the response with 20/20 Armor is really mind blowing. We had one of the longest lines at the Ajax Winter Festival! We will never go to a trade show or recruiting event without it!” 

How Did He Do It?

The set up took little effort. Master Wong put one sized 4 20/20 Armor vest on a BOB and challenged attendees to a game of Hit Meter. On Hit Meter you can instantly measure the power of your punch or kick simply by looking at the vest. Line ups formed and the goal was to see if they could max out the setting or as Master Wong put it “earn their stripe.” 

Using 20/20 Armor is just so intuitive for the kids. You win or lose the game depending on how hard you hit. Even tiny tigers get it with almost no explanation,” says Master Wong. “The kids want to beat their own scores so they’d come back later in the day and we’d get another chance to talk to them. They’d bring their friends so they could compete against each other.”

With a little instruction from Master Wong and his volunteers, attendees won the right to be entered into a contest for a free introductory offer. 

Why Instruction is Important

The instruction is important because it shows the potential student that they can learn martial arts and instantly overcomes a serious barrier to entry.  It’s also what differentiates you from any other carnival game and gives you a chance to connect directly to the parents. 

What Does it Mean to Get 50 Leads as a School Owner? 

There is an open question in the martial arts industry as to what percentage of leads convert and take up an introductory offer at your school and how many people of those people actually sign up. The numbers we heard were as high as 80% on every step and as low as 50%

Let’s go with the more conservative number. 50% of your leads take the introductory offer so that leaves you with 25 in your pipeline. Of those 25 only 50% sign up. So let’s go with 12 sign ups. Each kid is putting down between $100 to $150 dollar per month according to industry standards. So you end up with between $14,400 - $21,600 in just a year from these new recruits. Of those 12 students between 3-5 will end up enlisting in a black belt program and train with you for upwards of three years. Each of these programs is worth $3000 to $5000. So with very conservative estimates these 50 leads can add up to around $30,000 of new student revenue for your school. This means from just one recruitment event you could easily make a 10x return on your investment. 

Taking the Trade Show to Social Media

“The thing that we are really excited about is how that experience the kids are having at the booth actually spreads the message even further than just the Trade Show floor,” says Master Wong. “A lot of parents video taped their kids at our booth. Since kids were cheering each other on they’d capture this air of excitement. When those parents share that on their social networks that starts the phone ringing at our school. If you want more students joining your school you need 20/20 Armor."

Want to get 5x more leads at every recruitment event? You can place your order today and get started right away with 2020 Armor. 

If you have any questions you can get in touch through the chat or email to our head of sales Scott Granger at scott@2020armor.com and he can tell you everything you need to know.