Watch Your Students Thrive with 2020 Armor Smart Tech

Watch Your Students Thrive with 2020 Armor Smart Tech

You’ve attracted students, you’ve retained them…now it’s time to watch them thrive using your 2020 Armor smart tech! Simply owning the gear isn’t enough, it’s all about how you use it. Follow these simple strategies to make sure your students and your staff are getting 100% out of your 2020 Armor gear. 

Kick it up a notch by hosting an In-House Tournament! For an event this large, we suggest planning for a 4-5 hour commitment on a Saturday. The format of this event can be as simple as running individual competitions for the various game modes available on your 2020 Armor gear. Although you can take this in any direction you see fit, we suggest using one-player games (Reflex, Heartbeat and Hitmeter) for skill events and our two-player game (Energy Scoring) for sparring competition. 

Using 2020 Armor chest protectors as part of your upgrade program is another great way to generate excitement around your smart tech. Converting students from “basic members” to “elite level members” validates their hard work and gives them something to strive for. Try reaching out to students with exceptional dedication and drive and inviting them to an elite-level class for a week (free of charge). Make sure your elite level class has a different format and feel than your basic level classes and implement your 2020 Armor gear into the elite level curriculum!

Last, but not least, private lessons are an awesome way to create more value and deliver a better experience to your students. Using 2020 Armor gear during these lessons allows you to charge more for your instructor’s time, while providing the student with an elevated experience. We suggest running private lessons in 30 minute blocks. This gives the instructor enough time to collect baseline stats and deliver the lesson. 

As a martial arts club owner, we know you want nothing more than to watch your students improve and thrive. 2020 Armor smart tech is the perfect tool to help your students on their path to greatness.