Why Isn't Recruiting New Students Always This Easy?

Every year there is a sport registration event in Whitecourt and we rarely get to sign up any new students on the spot. This September we registered six new students directly because of their interest in 20/20 Armor,” says Master Jeremy Wilhelm, 38, 6th Dan of Whitecourt Taekwondo. “There are several reasons why six is such a huge number for us. Our dojang has been in Whitecourt for the last 40 years. We have 100 students out of a population of just over 9000 in our town. People know us and we have families who have trained with us for decades. It’s hard to get new people excited about something that has been in the community for such a long time. 20/20 Armor really changed things for us.” 

So What Made the Difference?

Master Jeremy and his sister Master Tara Rennie printed up free trial membership cards for a month of free lessons. But they didn’t just give them away at the community round up.

They set up 20/20 Armor on Wavemasters and put the 20/20 Armor up to levels 4 and 5. A line up formed for gymnastics as it always does. But for the first time in a long time they stole large groups of potential students out of the line by challenging them to “Light Up The Bob” by kicking it. If they could max it out on level 4 they would earn their free month of lessons. 

Attendees would try 3 or 4 times to max it out and in between they would offer tips on how they could improve their strikes. It made the prospective students feel like they earned their 1 month of free classes and showed attendees that they were capable of learning martial arts. 

How One Event Paid Back Their Entire Investment

Master Wilhelm explained that those six student’s tuition over a year will cover the entire cost of his school’s investment in 2020 Armor. This doesn’t take into account the added value of how 2020 Armor has helped his students kick with more power and made their tournaments faster, fairer and far more exciting. 

20/20 Armor got people excited about taking classes at our school,” says Master Wilhelm. “The 2020 website has been an excellent resource for us. We followed their recommendations on how to run games in classes, sparring drills and interclub tournaments and have had success with all of them. It’s created a lot of new interest around a martial art school that has been in the same town for 40 years.

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