With Its Biggest App Update Yet, 2020 Armor is Bringing Those Physically Distanced Closer Together

2020 Armor is publishing a major update to the mobile app on October 20th, 2020. The latest update will bring social features directly into the app with a news feed, enhanced user profiles and a user search feature. The mobile app already empowers 2020 Armor Vest owners with the ability to track their metrics and to spar with others via augmented reality through the In-Game Reality mode.

With the new social features, 2020 Armor users will be able to browse and watch other athletes’ training and sparring videos right from the app itself. Users can follow their favorite athlete and see when they post a great training session, or a really amazing sparring match with a teammate. The social features are also perfect for up and coming martial artists, who can post their sparring and training videos and get their favorite athletes and friends to follow their journey.


Pictured Above: New enhanced user profile that shows existing training videos, and the ability to follow other martial artists and showcase specific martial art schools and websites.

At 2020 Armor, privacy is of utmost importance to us. This is why no videos will be made public without your explicit consent. All videos will be marked private, unless you choose to make it public for others to see. 

Ali Ghafour, founder and CEO of 2020 Armor says “We created these new features to build a community for martial artists who love to watch engaging sparring matches and training videos. Some of the best sparring matches I had as a former athlete were in the gym with a teammate, since you really had nothing to lose. To be able to record and save that memory for yourself and others to enjoy and learn from is something very special. For the first time ever, we allow anyone to have a match, measure their score and share them with the world with just a 2020 Armor Vest and a smartphone. Keeping in mind that we are still going through a pandemic, we added features that help you share your individual progress as well. You can share your videos of reaction time, power and stamina training sessions with the community."


Pictured above: The new 2020 Armor video feed feature, which showcases videos of someone training with a 2020 Armor Vest & Bob Combo using the solo “Live” modes for reaction time, power and stamina (top) and two people training using the “In Game Reality” feature for 2 player energy-scored sparring using augmented reality (AR).

Users of the 2020 Armor app can continue to share their videos on other social networks like Instagram and Facebook, and use the 2020 Armor app as the centralized location for their training content. 

If you are a student training at home, the new app features will open up a world of inspiration by allowing you to see other training and sparring videos, and to learn from some of the best. 

If you are a high performance athlete, you can use the app as a record of your performance and training over time and to see where things can get improved. The videos offer a great reference point to see where you did a great job, and where you need to improve.

If you are a high performance coach, the app will keep your athletes accountable. The video feature will empower you to monitor your athletes’ performance, whether they  are there with you in the gym or across the country. With the upcoming “Coach View” analytics feature due for release later this year, you will also be able to aggregate your athletes’ results for you to analyze performance. 

If you are a school owner, encourage your students to to download the app and start measuring and tracking their progress. The more engaged a student is in their training, the longer they will continue their training!

You can download the app from Apple App Store Google Play Store by searching for “2020 Armor” or by clicking here for the App Store, and here for the Play Store.